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Apollo VTube Kit V2.0 - $99.95

An advanced e-cigarette for experience users. The Apollo VTube Kit contains the components of the very best variable voltage device. Variable voltage e-cigarette batteries allow the user to adjust the voltage output. Cartridges have different properties and perform differently in combination with various voltage outputs. The VTube allows you the maximum manipulation and control over your vapor quality. This device is not recommended for new users. This kit comes with the VTube along with a replaceable battery. It also comes with a battery charger, 1 blank cartomizer, 1 blank clearomizer and a black leather Apollo Carry Case. Instruction manual is included.

Chrome VTube
Each kit includes 1 Chrome VTube in your choice of Regular (5 inches) or Mini (3.75 inches).

Rechargeable Battery
Included with the VTube Kit is 1 Panasonic high capacity rechargeable battery: 18650 for the Regular VTube or 18350 for the Mini VTube.

TrustFire Dual Battery Charger
1 TrustFire Dual Charger is included in this kit, which can charge 2 batteries at once and fits both the 18350 and the 18650 model batteries (regular and mini).

Carry Case
Each kit comes with an Apollo zippered carry case which features plenty of room for all your ecigs and accessories.

The VTube kit includes (1) blank 510 Cartomizer and (1) CE4 Clearomizer.