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American Cigar E-liquid – Cigar Flavor – Vapes, vaping, e-cigarette
American Cigar E-Liquid
Your Price: $6.95


American Cigar:

This one will definitely give the Cubans a run for their money. There are times when you want a more sophisticated flavor - one that is not too sweet. American Cigar has a full bodied tobacco flavor with a smoky, spicy flavor and aroma that screams luxury. Just imagine being able to enjoy this flavor on a long drive without the lingering smell of a cigar permeating the upholstery of your car - perfect!
Classic Tobacco E-Liquid – tobacco Flavors – Vapes, vaping, e-liquids, e-cigarettes
Classic Tobacco E-Liquid
Your Price: $6.95


Classic Tobacco:
The perfect tobacco flavor for those who favor the classic American tobacco blend (cowboy). This is a full bodied and robust tobacco flavor with a slight hint of sweetness on the finish. Our Classic Tobacco was carefully crafted to provide a bright and tasty vapor with a powerful but smooth throat hit. It will satisfy your craving for the classic American tobacco brands.
Classic Tobacco Menthol E-Liquid – menthol tobacco Flavors – Vapes, vaping, e-liquids, e-cigarettes
Classic Tobacco Menthol E-Liquid
Your Price: $6.95


Classic Tobacco Menthol:
Important Announcement: Classic Tobacco Menthol is NEW and IMPROVED! We have worked tirelessly to create a flavor that will satisfy the most serious tobacco menthol cigarette smokers. This is an all new formula, so if you have previously purchased this flavor, be prepared to taste the difference. You won't be disappointed by this full-bodied flavor that perfectly balances the warmth of tobacco with the chill of menthol.
Menthol Breeze E-Liquid
Your Price: $6.95


Menthol Breeze:
Menthol Breeze is just that. A cool, clean burst of refreshing vapor that packs a punch to your taste buds. It’s icy goodness that isn’t sour, sweet or minty. It’s a truly pure menthol sensation that will chill out your palate. This e-liquid is perfect to vape on its own or mix it with fruity flavors to create an adventurous flavor experience. It goes great with Green Apple or Berry Blend. We are quite proud of this especially refreshing elixir.
NEW Menthol E-Liquid - NEW RECIPE 4/1/14
Your Price: $6.95

As you all know we've tried several variations of our Menthol, but after feedback on the last recipe we think we've perfected it! This new Menthol flavor perfectly imitates the flavor of an actual menthol cigarette. The tobacco flavor is very subtle, and the cool, crisp feeling really takes the lead.
Pure Mist E-Liquid
Your Price: $6.95


Pure Mist:
This liquid is completely flavorless and includes only PG, VG, and nicotine. For those who want their nicotine fix without all the fuss, or if you like to mix in your own flavor concoctions, this is the liquid for you!
RY4 E-Liquid
Your Price: $6.95


One of the most popular flavors in the e-cigarette world is RY4. This full-bodied tobacco flavor includes sweet hints of warm caramel and smooth vapor finish. An unforgettable flavor for sure, and our blend is an instant fan favorite.
Sahara E-Liquid
Your Price: $6.95


An e-liquid flavor in the essence of Turkish tobacco. Sahara is a strong, rich tobacco blend that is both hearty and sweet. It is a full bodied e-liquid flavor that has a slight hint of wood finish and a deliciously smooth vapor. It’s perfect for those who prefer the popular exotic tobacco brand.
Simply Tobacco E-Liquid
Your Price: $6.95


Simply Tobacco:
Most requested in the tobacco genre is a simple, dry tobacco flavor to closely mimic an actual cigarette. Of course no e-liquid is going to taste just like a cigarette, but this flavor is the next best thing.
Triple Nickel E-Liquid
Your Price: $6.95


Triple Nickel:
Triple Nickel is Apollo’s version of the nutty 555 cigarettes. A full bodied tobacco without any floral or perfume notes, this E-Liquid is nutty and just sweet enough to take off the bitter edge. A wonderful flavor for those craving a tobacco cigarette. When we put this one out for testing, it came back with almost a perfect score. We love it and we’re sure you will too!