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Clearomizer Tips & Tricks

  • Be careful not to screw your clearomizer on too tight. Overtightening can strip the threading and can eventually cause leakages

  • Avoid taking dry hits (puffing on the mouthpiece when there is no liquid in it)

  • After adding the e-liquid, make sure you let it sit for about 5 minutes to allow the e-liquid to soak properly into the heating element. You want to fully saturate the heating element before use. Puffing too soon is like taking a dry hit.

  • Make sure not to overfill. Overfilling could lead to your clearomizer not working with optimal performance and can also lead to gunking up the heating elements.

  • Try to keep your clearomizer at least 40% full. If the liquid is low in the clearomizer, it will take longer for the eliquid to reach the heating element.

  • Avoid taking many long puffs in a short period of time…space your hits out with several seconds between puffs.

  • Don’t be button-happy. Only press the button on your battery while your lips are on the mouthpiece and you are puffing. Let go of the battery just before you finish puffing.

  • Remember to turn off or lock the battery when you aren’t using it. This will prevent accidental button presses, which can lead to burning out the heating element.

  • Make sure to not get any juice in the center hole. This is where the heating element sits and if juice gets into it, the heating element can get flooded, preventing the clearomizer from heating correctly and also may lead to getting a mouth full of liquid. Nobody wants a mouth full of liquid.

  • While puffing on an ecig, it is better to take a long, slow drag rather than fast, intense drags like you would from an analogue cigarette.

  • Darker e-liquids, such as coffee and chocolate, are heavier and can cause your clearomizer to burn out faster.

  • Please be aware that citrus and cinnamon flavored e-liquids can cause cracking to the polycarbonate that some clearomizers are made with.


To Clean a Clearomizer:

  1. Remove the clearomizer from the battery and take it apart.

  2. Use rubbing alcohol or vodka – NEVER USE WATER TO CLEAN YOUR CLEAROMIZER.

  3. Fill a bowl or cup with rubbing alcohol or vodka and place all parts of your clearomizer in the bowl to soak for around 10 minutes – DO NOT PUT THE BATTERY OR ANY ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS IN THE CLEANING SOLUTION.

  4. Make sure you tilt and tip the parts so that the rubbing alcohol or vodka cleans every surface.

  5. After all parts have soaked and been cleaned, remove from bowl and set aside to dry for 12-24 hours.

  6. Once dry, put the pieces back together and refill with e-liquid. Make sure to let the e-liquid saturate the heating element before using.