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Apollo eSlim Kit V2.0 - $69.95

The Apollo eSlim Kit is the newest version on the market that uses refillable clearomizers instead of tanks. It never has leakage issue like other tank systems may have, and produces an enormous amount of vapor. It comes with 1 bottle of e-liquid of your choice! The slim design is very unique -- it's lightweight, sleek, easy to hold, and will stay flat in your pocket. The eSlim is also the first e-cigarette to have a built-in passthrough - that means you can plug the charger into the end of your battery, and continue using the e-cigarette while you charge it! This kit includes 2 eSlim batteries, 2 clearomizers, a USB charger/passthrough, and a wall adapter. Instruction manual is included.

eSlim Batteries
Each kit includes (2) eSlim 350mah lithium batteries, available in black, red, blue, or white.

Included with the eSlim Kit are 2 clearomizers which hold 1ml of e-liquid. Clearomizers come in matching battery color.

Included in this kit is one USB charger for your eSlim battery and one wall adapter, so you can charge using a normal outlet or your computer.

(1) 10ml bottle of Apollo USA Made E-liquid comes in this kit - choose from 19+ flavors and 5 nicotine strengths.