Disposable Vapes: What You Need to Know

Disposable vape pens are one of the latest technology for smokers. They are simple devices that give a relaxation feeling similar to that of smoking. It’s a vapor-producing handheld device. Disposable vape pens use batteries and come in different flavors and nicotine, which is a major ingredient for producing the vapor.

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New E-Liquid Bundles at Apollo Vapes

Add as many bottles as you wish of a nicotine/flavor combination by writing the number in the corresponding box. The system will add automatically a discount. Say you want 2 x 30ml bottles of Salt Breeze at 35mg strength you will put number “2” under the 35ml column and on the Salt Breeze row. 

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PMTA Super Sale

We are clearing inventory for items that will no longer be available after 9/9 (due to the FDA PMTA application process). You have the opportunity to get items at prices that will not be there for long, so we strongly encourage you to check those now and stock up for your favorite products.

Prices are marked down on the website and are final. There is no need for any coupon in the checkout.

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