Best E-cig Starter Kit For Beginners

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best e-cig vape kit to get started vaping

The best e-cig starter kit for beginners is a simple, easy to use device. There is no need to complicate things for smokers seeking a first vape device. Especially in 2019. A few years ago, the cigarette style electronic cigarettes sold in gas stations and convenience stores were not up to par. Frankly, they did not pack enough punch for smokers. But that has changed. Best of all, smokers can buy the best e-cigs online from Apollo e-cigs. There is no need to overpay at a vape shop.

The beginner e-cig starter kits available today are much better than they used to be. Especially Apollo e-cig kits. The new atomizer technology along with nic salts and pod vapes have changed everything. Apollo is on the forefront of all of the improvements in vapor technology. We have been in the vaping industry since the earliest days. Today, we have a state of the art lab and USA based R&D team that is always pushing the envelope. We are working tirelessly to move vaping forward. Although we are an independent American vape brand and do not have any corporate power behind us, what we do have is better. We have our quality and reputation as a leader in vaping.

I am about to get to the e-cig starter kits. I just wanted to take a second to introduce you to Apollo E-cigs. Our company is the real deal. We work with the best manufacturers in the world. While it is true we are best known for our award winning vape juice, we also make exception mods and e-cig starter kits.

Vaping For Smokers

When smoking a cigarette, the smoke is drawn from the cigarette into the mouth and then inhaled. Likewise, MTL vaping is when the user draws the vapor into the mouth and then inhales. Smokers and beginners looking for a first electronic cigarette kit should look for an MTL vape. A mod and tank for sub ohm vaping is an option, but we recommend starting with an MTL vape kit. The simplicity and familiarity more closely simulate the mechanics of smoking. Only without the smoke! Which is why vaping is an alternative for adult tobacco smokers.

E-Cig Starter Kits For Beginners

Have you looked for where to buy e-cig online? Let me guess, you have seen about a thousand e-cig starter kits. Maybe you have gone into a vape shop where they have showed you elaborate vape mods even though you want something simple. The advanced vape mods are amazing but not the best place to start for smokers. Look, it can be confusing. There are so many vape kits that the choices can be overwhelming. But we are going to break it down to three. Just three for you to think about. They are all excellent quality and very easy to use. It is simply a matter of function. Well, you will see what I mean. You will know which e-cigarette kit is right for you.

Beginner e-cigarette starter kits boil down to three main options:

  • Cigalike starter kits
  • Vape pen mod kits
  • Pod vapes

Before talking about the best e-cig starter kits for new vapers, I just want to take a second to talk about the bad options. Don’t go into a vape shop and get somebody a 200 watt vape mod and a sub ohm tank as their first e-cig starter kit. Now those mods are awesome. But they’re not the best for vaping for beginners. I’m certainly not the best ecig for a smoker. ¬†Especially were talking about mature, adult smokers who do not want a gadget. Instead, you want something that will work, let’s not get too fancy right out of the gate.

Cigalike Starter Kits

Of course, many smokers looking for a vape device want something very familiar. And there is nothing more familiar than a cigalike. Why? Because a cigalike is the type of electronic cigarette that looks like a tobacco cigarette. Apollo makes an outstanding cigalike beginner vape kit. In fact since the closing of V2 Cigs, Apollo electronic cigarette style e-cigs have garnered more and more recognition for excellence.

We offer Tobacco and Menthol flavor cartridges. Our cartridges are affordable and exceptional quality. Customers may also get blank cartridge that you can fill with any 50/50 VG\PG ratio  e-liquid. As a result, you have the best of both worlds. The convenience of replaceable e-cig refill cartridges as well as the variety of flavor options available for the blank refill cartridges.


Apollo E-cig Cartridges Available Here


The Apollo cigalike starter kit is called the Challenger. The battery components are the best of the best. These batteries last. In addition, the microprocessor is fast and accurate. It senses when you take a puff and produces vapor on demand. Each puff is ultra consistent. The kit comes with two batteries, and a charger for USB, wall outlet, and car.


Get The Top Cigalike Starter Vape Kit Here


Vape Pen Mod Kit

For refillable vape tank option, or the best vape pen for e-liquid, the best choice is the Apollo Oracle. The Oracle has been a go-to vape device for smokers for several years now. There are only a few left and then they will be gone. The CE4 eGo style vape tanks can be manually filled with Apollo 50/50 e-juice.

beginner vape pen for e-liquids and mtl mini tank

Take A Look At The Oracle eGo Style


Pod Kits For Smokers The Future

Finally, the newest Vape technology has arrived. And it is the Apollo Brez. This is the future. The Brez may very well be the best e-cig kit for beginners. It is high tech. The Brez is small and compact and produces a very dense vapor. The Brez resembles and is an alternative to JUUL.

The best e-cig vape kit for a new beginner just might be a pod style vape. Pods have taken off the last couple years. The secret of the salt nicotine e-liquid. Salt nicotine enables the user to inhale more nicotine without it being harsh. As a result, a small amount of vapor packs more than enough punch to fully satisfy.

In addition to Brez, Apollo carries a number of pod style vapes. The Apollo Brez is new and so far is drawing rave reviews. We consider it to be the best e-cigarette kit for beginners.

best electronic cigarette starter kit for beginning vapers and smokers

Get The Brez Here. The Future Of Vaping.




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