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what e-juice is the best for cloud chasing competitions

The best e-juice for clouds should check three boxes. First, it needs to make a lot of vapor. Second, it should have an enjoyable flavor. And third, it should be smooth so that you can easily inhale and exhale the copious clouds you are looking for. If you are a cloud chaser or vaping trick artist, you look for every edge you can get.

Vape tricks and cloud chasing have become very popular competitions at vape shows across the country. Cloud chasing is simply making the biggest vape clouds possible. Cloud chucking is projecting those clouds the greatest distance possible. Vape tricks are manipulating vape clouds into a variety of shapes. Some vape tricks are pretty amazing! But you don’t have to be a trickster or competitor to want the biggest vape clouds. Many everyday vapers just want more vapor.

Not all e-liquids are the same. We covered the characteristics required to be the best e-juice for clouds but how are those characteristics achieved? You have to start with the ingredients and the production process.

Making The Best Juice For Blowing Clouds

Making the best juice for blowing clouds requires the core foundation building blocks of a state of the art lab staffed by professionals. Mixing ingredients in the back room of a shop is not going to get it done. There is a process that must be meticulously carried out. At Apollo’s state of the art USA ISO8 e-liquid lab, chemistry PhDs design and oversee the process of making the best e-liquid for cloud chasing.

Having the proper facility and expertise is essential. So is using the right ingredients. The VG, vegetable glycerin, must but the best quality and sourced from reputable American manufacturers. The same goes for the PG, propylene glycol, and flavoring. How the ingredients are combined in proper ratio is critical.

It was just a year or so ago when a study revealed that many e-liquids on the market do not actually contain the ingredients stated on the label. This happens because many manufacturers don’t actually know what they are doing. At Apollo, our accomplished staff exceeds industry standards by orders of magnitude. In fact, independent analysis has shown that Apollo e-liquid ingredients are accurate to within 0.5%. Flipping the math on that, that is a 99.5% accuracy record. That is reliable excellence.

VG Makes The Clouds

VG, vegetable glycerin, is a food, medical, and cosmetic additive that is extracted from plant oils. VG is a thicker and more viscous substance than is PG. And it is VG that makes a lot of vapor. A lot more than PG. For cloud chasing, you want a Max VG e-liquid or an e-liquid that is at least 80% VG.

  • The best e-juice for clouds will be at least 80% VG

The drawback of VG is that it does not carry flavor as well as PG. For that reason, there is still PG used in Max VG liquids to maintain a flavor profile. So Many Max VG juices are weak on flavor. Not Apollo. We offer several impeccable Max VG options. Our expertise and facilities enable us to deliver that maximum vapor while retaining an enjoyable flavor profile. That’s why many competitors choose us.

It’s Got To Be Smooth!

Smoothness is a huge factor in maximizing cloud production. The smoother a vape is, the more you can inhale and exhale. A sharp flavor or a crisp, pronounced menthol can be enjoyable, but on a massive inhale it can reduce the smooth sensation.

A sweet, subtle flavor in a Max VG e-juice is right in the wheelhouse of home run hitting vapor makers.

Best Competition Level E-Juices For Cloud Chasing

Apollo has been involved in the vaping industry since the earliest days of electronic cigarettes. We have sponsored vape trick teams and cloud chasers at vape shows and expos all over the world. Our own vaping expert, Cyrus, has observed the best tricksters and cloud chasers first hand and he has identified some of the best e-liquid for cloud chasers. At the top of his list is RNR White.

RNR White – The Cloud Chasing E-Liquid

best e-juice for clouds

RNR White is a competition level cloud chasing e-liquid. The best e-juice for clouds. This is a thick, robust e-liquid that makes very large and incredible dense vape clouds. Cyrus’ group of vape trickers and cloud competitors use RNR White the absolute most in competitions.

The two most popular flavors used by competitors are Mystery and LLCP. Mystery is berries and creamy strawberry flavor. LLCP is a lemon and lime cake flavor that pops. All of the RNR White flavors are ultra smooth on inhale and exhale. In all, there are six RNR White flavors to choose from:

  • Mystery – berries in strawberry sauce
  • LLCP – lemon lime cake
  • Trop Punch – tropical fruit punch
  • Creamy P – peaches and cream
  • Whipped – espresso and cream
  • Coco Pop – marshmallow, graham, and chocolate
RNR White Competition Cloud Juice

RNR Black E-Liquid

cloud chasing e-liquids

The sister line to RNR White is RNR Black. Also a competition level juice, and right up there as the best e-juice for clouds, RNR Black are dessert flavors for cloud chasers. The favorite for competitors from the RNR Black line is the Vanilla Custard. Again, the liquid is thick and makes a very large and noticeably dense vapor cloud. There are six flavors:

  • Vanilla Custard – name says it all
  • Banana Hammock – creamy banana cupcake
  • General’s Crunch – strawberry tart and whipped cream
  • Haze – chocolate truffle gelato
  • Kylie – lychee and earthy aloe
  • VCLE – vanilla custard with ice cream and whipped cream
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More Cloud Juice E-Liquid Options

RNR White is the majority choice of competitors for best e-juice for clouds with RNR Black not too far behind. But there are a couple of more e-liquids for cloud chasers that we want to include. Some vapers enjoy fruit flavors while others prefer gourmet and dessert flavors. We want to make sure we cover the bases. For cloud chasers looking for a dessert flavor, you will want to try DSRT.

DSRT Max VG Cloud Juice

best dessert flavor for cloud chasing

DSRT is a Max VG e-liquid designed for maximum vapor but with sweet dessert flavors. The flavors are sensational and the vapor demands that we include this juice in the list of the best e-juice for clouds.

Cyrus’ pick for cloud chasing is Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Sugar Cookie Sandwich. The vapor production is amazing and it is incredibly smooth making the user capable of a larger inhale. There are a total of five DSRT e-juice flavors:

  • Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Sugar Cookie Sandwich
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Mint Chip Milkshake
  • Raspberry Cheesecake
  • Strawberry Cream Cannoli
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SNCK 70% VG E-Juice

SNCK is a 70% VG e-juice that makes the list of the best e-juice for clouds because of one important grading factor. Smoothness! Strawberry Papaya and Kiwi by SNCK is especially, and incredibly, smooth.

The bonus here is that you get a bit more flavor than with a Max VG. The level of vapor production is not as pronounced as a higher VG juice, but the inhale and exhale are so flavorful and smooth, there’s that word again, that you can inhale and exhale a lot of vapor.

best 70 percent vg for vape tricks

Try SNCK Strawberry Papaya Kiwi E-Juice


Zour The Cloud Juice With Flavor

Zour is an 80/20 VG/PG blend known for sharp citrus and tart flavors. Too much sharp flavor is not always the ideal recipe to make the list of the best e-juice for clouds but we have an exception. The Zour Watermelon Berry Max VG is super smooth and that is good for cloud production.

Zour Watermelon Berry is flavor rich like other Zour e-liquids, but the flavor is more level with watermelon and berries as opposed to citrus. As a result, you can inhale more and enjoy the full benefits of the vapor potential of an 80% VG cloud juice.

best cloud juice for flavor

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Cloud Chasing

Finding the best e-juice for clouds is an important factor in cloud chasing but the device you are using and how you vape are important as well. The resistance of the atomizer and power output of your e-cig mod will determine how much juice can be vaporized. Little details like having a wide-bore drip tip have to be taken into account.

Many competitors prefer to use and RDA with their own coil build. If you are using a vape tank with pre-built coils you will want to look for coils that can tolerate higher wattage settings.

If entering a cloud competition, you might also want to consider going with a zero nicotine blend to use during competing. In a competition, you will be inhaling much more vapor than you normally would.

Best E-Juice For Clouds

That concludes our look at the best e-juice for clouds! We hope this will help you zero in on the e-liquid that will maximize your vapor. The e-liquids that made the list will produce a lot of vapor so remember your vaping etiquette.

Cyrus developed this list based on years of experience and observing first-hand exactly which e-liquids perform best. All of the e-liquids that made our list are made to the highest standards.

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