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the best and most authentic tobacco vape flavors

The best tobacco flavor e-juice has to be authentic. That is the key. Every e-liquid company makes a tobacco flavor but not many of them get it right. One of the most common complaints from new vapers is that the tobacco e-liquids that they have tried taste terrible. Not only do they not taste like tobacco, they basically just taste like something burnt combined with sweaty shoes. Yah, it’s not good!

Authentic tobacco e-liquid flavors are elusive. I’ll let you in on a little secret. A lot of the e-liquid brands that you see out there come from just a few manufacturers. They are the same flavors but with different brand labels. Companies farm out production and just use whatever flavor their manufacturer offers. That’s why there are so many sub par tobacco flavors out there.

That brings me to the real secret of crafting the best e-liquid recipes. To create an authentic tobacco flavor you can’t farm it out. You just can’t. It takes a lot of trial and error to hone in on an authentic tobacco flavor. The Ry4 flavor is a known and excellent tobacco flavor and anyone can make that. But to create variants of tobacco flavors requires trying different recipes until you find the right one. That’s why it is so crucial to have a working e-liquid lab.

Apollo’s E-Liquid Lab

Apollo’s e-liquid lab is located in the Bay Area where our headquarters are located. We invested heavily in our own lab facility and constructed it to the highest standards. Our facility exceeds food industry standards. The lab is a true ISO8 facility. Many claim to have an ISO8 room, but there is a lot more to a fully functional ISO8 than putting in a filter! Each and every facet of air circulation has to be accounted for. The location of the ISO8 filters must be precise. It takes true professionals to design and operate an effective lab facility.

At Apollo, our e-liquid lab is operated by passionate vapers. But being an enthusiast does not an expert make. We have chemists with PhDs monitoring production. On top of that, our team takes advantage of having our own facility by perfecting each recipe and flavor. The fact that we can conduct extensive trial and error on site is how we make the best tobacco e-juice flavors.

All of the ingredients that we use are sourced from leading American suppliers. None of our ingredients are imported. Ultimately, that is really the trick to making the top tobacco e-juice. It takes time, expertise, and using only the best ingredients in all of our e-juice recipes.

The Best Tobacco E-Juice Flavors

Not all tobacco flavors are the same. Some like a dry tobacco, some like it bold. Another example would be Cuban cigar tobacco, which has a strong, husky taste. There is a unique difference associated with a variety of different tobaccos. The climate, soil, and region that a tobacco plant is grown can change the prevailing flavor profile. Our job at Apollo is to zero in on those differences and derive a tobacco flavor that matches the differences. To make the best tobacco e-juice, that type of attention to detail is crucial.

In the vaping world, RY4 is a very popular and relatively bold tobacco flavor. Most companies have a RY4 option, which is a standard, basic tobacco flavor. Apollo indeed has a RY4 and that may be one of the best tobacco e-juice flavors. But there are more. Classic western is an American tobacco flavor. Sahara is a dry Turkish tobacco. Simply tobacco is a basic, light tobacco flavor. Apollo has crafted a variety of tobacco e-liquid flavors.

For standard, MTL e-cigarettes and vape mods with atomizers over 1.0 ohms, Apollo offers eight different tobacco flavors. And that includes a real tobacco menthol e-juice. The best tobacco e-juice flavors are the ones that are authentic and give you the option of the specific flavor that you most enjoy. Apollo e-liquids area must for anyone looking for a better tobacco e-liquid.

50/50 Tobacco E-Liquids

Apollo has eight different 50/50 tobacco e-liquids! Each flavor brings a variation of the most popular blends preferred by adult tobacco consumers. The flavors include:
  • Apollo Simply Tobacco E-Liquid – mild American tobacco
  • Classic Western – a bold and earthy American tobacco
  • Sahara – dry style tobacco
  • Turkish Blend – a Turkish style tobacco
  • RY4 – a strong tobacco with a sweet touch
  • American Cigar – a bold cigar tobacco flavor
  • Classic Menthol – authentic menthol tobacco e-liquid
  • Triple Nickel – a nutty flavored tobacco
Each of these flavors comes in five different nicotine levels. With this many choices, maybe you just want a basic tobacco flavor. In that case, try Simply Tobacco. For those who like a dryer tobacco, Sahara fits the bill. The Triple Nickel nutty tobacco is very popular as well. Check out the whole collection and choose the best tobacco e-juice flavor specifically for you!
best tobacco flavor e-juice

VG Tobacco E-Liquids

The fact of the matter is that there are not a lot of VG tobacco e-liquids. VG e-liquids are designed for sub ohm vaping. When vaping with atomizers under 1.0 ohm, the main goal is vapor production. The flavor experience occurs more on the exhale. A lot of e-juice companies do not invest in creating genuine tobacco flavored VG e-liquids. Apollo bucks the trend when it comes to VG tobacco e-liquid flavors. We have two choices that are spectacular. King Pin and Havana Nights.
King Pin is a tobacco blend. The best tobaccos have an earthy flavor. One of the best ways to smooth out a rugged tobacco and accent the earthiness is to add a peanut butter flavor. It really works! The peanut butter is smooth and the nuttiness is an ideal companion for a tobacco. According to many, King Pin is the best VG tobacco e-juice flavor.
the best tobacco e-liquids for sub ohm vaping
Havana Nights
Havana Nights is a bold, Cuban style tobacco with a touch of caramel sweetness. Caramel is a natural sweetener for a bold tobacco and can accent the full flavor. The VG blend will make huge clouds of vapor and deliver a sweet and bold tobacco sensation.
the top rated tobacco vg e-liquid

Menthol Tobacco Flavors

Most menthol tobacco e-juice flavors are all about the menthol and they totlly forget about the tobacco! That’s not right! That’s a mint or peppermint flavor, not menthol. A real menthol has to incorporate a genuine tobacco flavor. Apollo has many mint and cool flavors, but our menthol flavors combine the cool sensation with a real tobacco flavor. That’s what a menthol tobacco e-juice should be!
Apollo Classic Tobacco menthol e-liquid is the real deal. An authentic American tobacco flavor with a cooling menthol chill. Tobacco lovers will not find a more genuine menthol tobacco e-liquid.

Salt Nicotine Tobacco Flavors

Salt nicotine liquids are the top choice for the new trend in pod mods like the Suorin Drop, Aspire Breeze, or the Phix system. The nicotine levels in salt nicotine e-liquids are much higher, but because it is smooth you can inhale more. Apollo has three tobacco salt nicotine liquids and all are contenders for the best tobacco flavor e-liquid. And that includes a true menthol tobacco e-juice.
See The Entire Salt Nic Collection Here.


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