E-Cig Vs. Vape. What Kind Of Question Is That?

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E-cig vs. vape. Which one is right for you? We’re going to figure that out right away. But first, we should clarify a few things as much as possible. I say that with the humility of understanding that vaping terminology is an evolving science. The terminology used by vapers can mean different things to different people. For example, the word vape can be a verb as in “to vape”. Also, a “vape” can be the device that you use to vape. So it can be a noun and a verb in the same sentence. I know, it can be confusing! But, we’re halfway there already.

So we know a “vape” can refer to a decide that is used for vaping. More specifically, a vape usually refers to a mod. On the other hand, an e-cig usually means the type of device that looks like a cigarette.

If the word “vape” is used as a verb, then asking the question of e-cig vs. vape makes no sense! Because you vape with an e-cig! But, you can say e-cig vs. vape and a referring to vape as a physical device, then it does make sense.

  • A mod is a larger type of e-cigarette that offers features like variable wattage or temperature control. Also, a mod uses a vape tank. On the other side of the e-cig vs vape question is if a vape is a mod then what is an e-cig?
  • An e-cig typically refers to the types of electronic cigarette that looks like a tobacco cigarette. Also known as a cigalike.

If you types e-cig vs vape into your computer and are reading this page, we assume that you are trying to decide between a cigalike or a mod. As a result, that is the question that we will help you answer! Let’s get started.

What Is A Vape Mod?

A vape mod is an electronic vaping device that is designed deliver current to an atomizer or vape tank. The mod contains a battery and a chipset that regulates the current output. In addition, a mod is able to detect the atomizer resistance to guide the user to select the proper power setting. The vape tank that connects to a mod has to be manually filled with e-liquid. Most mods are made for sub ohm vaping. New vapers are advised to use standard vape mods that use tanks with atomizers above 1.0 ohms in resistance.

Mods for standard vaping are much easier to use than a sub ohm vape mod. For example, the Apollo NEO Endeavor is a slim, easy to use mod. The vape tank is refillable and you can use any flavor of e-liquid desired.


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What Is An E-Cig?

In the case of e-cig vs vape, the term e-cig refers to the type of electronic cigarette that looks like a cigarette. Another name for this type of device is a cigalike. The cigalike was the e-cig that started the vaping revolution. Once upon a time, cigalikes were the most popular vapor product. You may have heard of companies like Blu Cigs or V2 Cigs and V2 cartridges. Whatever you call it, this type of electronic cigarette is the most basic design you can get. The device is made up of a battery and a cartridge. That’s it!

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While customers can buy refillable cigalike cartridges, pre-filled disposable e-cig cartridges are also available. The Apollo Challenger e-cig kit is the top performance e-cig kit. The kit comes with two e-cig batteries and three chargers. Including a car charger for when on the go. These high performance e-cigs are made to deliver a full throated vapor from the top cigalike in the business.

deciding between e-cig vs. vape mod is all about convenience vs vapor

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E-Cig Vs Vape

That brings us to this point in time where you decide between e-cig vs. vape. or vape vs e-cigarette or whatever you want to call it! Let’s start with the Pros and Cons of each.

E-Cig Pros

  • Looks like a cigarette, best e-cig for smokers.
  • Easy to use.
  • Produces satisfying vapor.
  • Sturdy construction, not a lot to go wrong.
  • No manual filling required.

E-Cig Cons

  • Limited battery life. Two batteries required for a full day of heavy use.
  • Not as much vapor as a mod.

Vape Pros

  • Produces more vapor than an e-cig.
  • Longer lasting, larger battery.
  • More flavor options.

Vape Cons

  • Vape tank must be filled manually.
  • More fragile than a cigalike, tanks can crack or break if dropped.

The true difference in the battle of e-cigarette vs vape mod is a question of convenience vs performance. A vape will produce more vapor than an e-cig. As a result, if using an e-cig instead of a mod, the nicotine level may need to be higher. For instance, an 18 mg nicotine level for a mod would be similar to a 24 mg nicotine level for an e-cig. And please remember that the amount of vapor does not mean that a vape is more satisfying. An Apollo e-cig is fully capable of delivering an outstanding vapor that hits the spot.

We recommend making the decision based on convenience. If you want something that is no fuss and no mess, get an e-cig. Just make sure to get an e-cig kit that comes with two batteries. That way, you can begin each day with two fully charged batteries, which should be enough to get through a full day.

While we have provided the data on choosing between e-cig vs vape, you may be asking if there is a door number three. The answer is yes, There is a door number three!

A New Third Option

The third option apart from the vape vs e-cig fight is a pod mod. A pod mos is a small vaping device that uses refillable pods. A pod is essentially a cartridge that inserts into the body of a mod. Right now pod vapes are all the rage because although they are small, they pack a big punch. The secret to that punch is nicotine salt e-liquid.

Nic salt e-liquid is different from regular vape liquids. With nicotine salts, the nicotine content is much higher. In fact, a typical nic salt nicotine level is 50 mg. However, with nicotine salts the vapor is smoother. The user can inhale high amounts of nicotine without it being harsh. The advantage is that it takes very little vapor to deliver full satisfaction.

The ultimate pod vape is the Apollo Brez system. Choose from 50 mg or 25 mg options as well as numerous flavors. Aside from the Brez, there are numerous other pod vape systems available. Some offer disposable pods and some offer refillable pods. Pods are easy to use, too. Just like e-cigs.

There you have it! Ecigs, vapes, and pods!

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