Do E-Cigs Have Nicotine?

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how much nicotine is in electronic cigarettes and e-liquids

Do e-cigs have nicotine? Yes, most of them do. You can buy electronic cigarettes without nicotine but for most adult tobacco consumers, nicotine satisfaction is a part of their preferred vaping experience.

Traditional tobacco products contain nicotine. Nicotine is a stimulant found in nightshade plants, including tobacco. The concentration of nicotine in tobacco plants is particularly high. Nicotine is one of the main reasons why people use tobacco products. Combustion and inhalation, aka smoking, have been the main way people have accessed the nicotine in tobacco. The idea behind an electronic cigarette is to access the nicotine without the combustion.

Where Does The Nicotine In E-Cigs Come From?

For the most part, the nicotine in e-cigs is the same as the nicotine in tobacco. Vapor products should use professionally extracted pharmaceutical grade nicotine. Pharmaceutical nicotine is extracted from tobacco plants. There are exceptions. Some companies use synthetic nicotine or nicotine salts. The overwhelming majority of vapor products rely on pharmaceutical nicotine extracted from tobacco plants in a lab.

How Much Nicotine Is In E-cigs?

You should be able to tell how much nicotine is in e-cigs based on the label. Unfortunately, some of the e-cigarette products are not so accurate. One study in Utah found many cases where the nicotine content on the label did not match the actual nicotine content when tested in a lab.

Apollo’s laboratory processes are exacting and precise. We exceed the industry standards for accuracy. In fact, Apollo’s e-liquids have tested to within 0.5% accurate. Far better than the standard. When you look at the label of an Apollo vapor product, you can trust that the nicotine content listed is indeed accurate.

E-cig Nicotine Levels

Where were we? Oh yah. Is there nicotine in e-cigs. Well, the nicotine content will be indicated on the product label. The nicotine content is measured in either mg or as a percentage by volume. For example, a 3mg nicotine level might also be labeled as 0.3%. Common nicotine levels are:

  • 0 mg
  • 3 mg
  • 6 mg
  • 12 mg
  • 18 mg
  • 24 mg

For adults who use traditional tobacco products frequently on a daily basis, many find that an 18mg to a 24mg nicotine level delivers and enjoyable vape. Lighter users might opt for a lower e-cig nicotine level. It may take some trial and error to zero in on what fits you best.

For sub ohm vaping, lower nicotine levels are used. For more information, read our sub ohm vaping guide here.

How Much Nicotine Is In Cigarettes?

do e-cigs have nicotine and how much

How much nicotine in a cigarette varies. The average is about 12mg of nicotine in a cigarette. But that is not how much nicotine your body will absorb when smoking. Studies have shown that regardless of the nicotine content of a cigarette, a smoker will absorb about 1mg of nicotine per cigarette smoked.

How can that be? Studies conducted by Dr. Konstatin Farasolinos have shown that regardless of the nicotine content of a cigarette, a smoker will alter his or her habit to acquire the desired nicotine level. For example, someone smoking “light” cigarettes may take longer and more frequent draws to satisfy the nicotine craving.

Dr. Farasolinos found a similar phenomenon with vapers. Vapers may vape a lower nicotine product but may subconsciously compensate by taking longer vapes more frequently. With vaping, however, you can control the nicotine level of the product you are using.

Reducing The Nicotine In E-cigarettes Over Time

Many vapers embark on their vaping journey with the intention of gradually reducing nicotine consumption over time. For example, someone who starts out vaping at 24mg might then go to 18mg, then to 12mg, then to 6mg, and so on. The goal of course being to get to zero. While there is not yet scientific consensus that gradual reduction with vaping is a viable smoking cessation method, many tobacco consumers are pursuing this option.

While we have answered the question ‘do e-cigs have nicotine’, when considering nicotine consumption keep the concept of percentage by volume in mind. The basic cigarette style e-cigs have about 1 ml of e-liquid in a cartridge. If in one day you vape one cartridge that has 18 mg of nicotine, you will get the same amount of nicotine as someone who vapes 6ml of 3mg e-liquid in a day.

With the powerful vape mods out there, it is quite common to go through 3ml to 6ml of e-liquid in a day. So if you want to reduce nicotine, keep an eye on how many ml of e-liquid you are vaping.

Define Electronic Cigarettes

Before we wrap this up, let’s take a step back to make sure we are all on the same page. To be clear, we will define electronic cigarettes. At the core, electronic cigarettes are an electronic device that vaporizes a liquid that can be inhaled. While e-cig products vary dramatically, you can boil it down to three components:

  • Battery
  • Atomizer
  • E-liquid

You will find these components present in the simple e-cigs sold in gas stations to the powerful vape mods that create massive clouds.

The amount of vapor that an e-cigarette produce will impact how much nicotine that you get. If you are just starting out as a new vaper, our best advice is to focus on quality and simplicity. E-cigs like the Apollo Endeavor offer excellent quality, consistency, and are easy to use. More vapor does not necessarily mean more enjoyment. There is no one size fits all e-cig. The beauty is that you have so many options!

Do E-cigs Have Nicotine?

I think we have got this covered. Do e-cigs have nicotine? Yes! In varying amounts measured by milligrams or as a percentage by volume. That said, zero nicotine products are available. What might be a better question – is the amount of nicotine listed on the label accurate? That is another matter.

Look, this all comes down to quality and reliability. If you want to be able to trust the label, choose a company that does it right. Apollo E-liquids has a state of the art lab right here in the USA. We use USA sourced ingredients including nicotine of the highest purity. Our e-liquids have been tried and tested and the results are clear. The nicotine content in Apollo vapor products are accurate to within 0.5%.

Do e-cigs have nicotine? Yes. And with Apollo, the amount of nicotine on the label is the amount of nicotine that you get.

Apollo E-Liquids For E-Cigs

Apollo E-Liquids come in a massive range of flavors and blends. Not to mention numerous nicotine levels. When you are shopping for an e-liquid, you will want to pay attention to both the nicotine content as well as the PG/VG ratio. Different e-cigarette devices are designed to work with different PG/VG ratios.

E-Liquid For Standard Vaping

Standard vaping with a basic e-cig with an atomizer resistance of more than 1.0 ohms works best with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio. You do not want a VG e-liquid with a standard vaping device. Apollo 50/50 is the perfect choice for standard vaping. There are 30 flavors and five nicotine options to choose from.

With Apollo e-liquids, you get impeccable quality, magnificent vapor production, and maximum vaping enjoyment.

nicotine liquid for electronic cigarettes

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