Florida Voters Pass Indoor Vaping Ban

By November 26, 2018Vaping
florida voters support indoor vaping ban

The voters of Florida voted in favor of a state constitutional amendment to ban vaping in indoor workplaces. That includes vaping in any workplace where 1 or more person works. Essentially, vaping is banned in any place where smoking is banned. But there are exceptions. Vaping will be allowed in smoke and vape shops, hotels that allow smoking, and private homes. Overall, this law simply enforces the vaping etiquette most vapers already adhere to. In general, vaper are excellent at self-policing and being respectful of others in the workplace.

Most Florida vapers will not notice any change. But to be clear, this ballot measure was not specifically aimed at vaping. Rather the indoor vaping ban was part of an amendment that also included off shore oil drilling. The law will go into force in early January 2019.

This law seems innocuous enough. Standard vaping etiquette already dictates that it is not respectful to blow vape clouds around uncomfortable colleagues. But many vapers enjoy stealth vaping. Stealth vaping is allowing the vapor to dissipate in the mouth before exhaling. That will no longer be legal. Ultimately, vapers will be relegated to the same areas as smokers. And that does raise some reason for concern.

Treating Vapers Like Smokers

Delorse Orlando, spokesperson for the Florida Smoke Free Association, says that placing vapers in areas where there are smokers is risky. She says that proximity to smoking might cause some vapers to be attracted to traditional tobacco products.¬†“Most people who vape are not wanting to be around (smoke) for the temptation,” she said. And “if they have left that part of their life behind, they don’t want to smell like smoke.”

Putting vapers in the same category as smokers may have unintended consequences. At a time when smoking rates are reaching all time lows, it would make sense for regulators to keep focused on smoking.


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