JUUL Alternatives. Don’t Give Big Tobacco Your Money

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For vapers who do not want to give Big Tobacco their money, there are a number of JUUL Vapor alternatives available. Better yet, you can buy JUUL alternatives directly from Apollo, an independent American business with no affiliation to any tobacco companies. JUUL Vapor is now partnered with Big Tobacco. Altria now owns 35% of JUUL.

For many vapers, their exposure to vaping is limited to the products on the convenience store shelves next to the cigarettes. But in truth the range of vaping products is enormous. The fact of the matter is that an independent American business like Apollo Electronic Cigarettes does not have corporate connections. That means no sweetheart distribution deals. That is why you only see a select few vape products on the shelves of national retailers. But you have many more options.

Apollo E-cigs offers several JUUL alternatives. Apollo is known for making premium USA made vape juice in our state of the art lab. In addition we offer unique, high quality vape devices. Products like the Brez are specially designed to meet our high standards for vapor production and flavor. In addition to the Brez, Apollo offers the leading pod systems as an alternative to JUUL e-cigs. The good news is that vapers have options. You do not have to give your money to Big Tobacco.

The Six Best JUUL Alternatives For 2019

We have compiled a list of the six best JUUL alternatives for 2019. The devices that have made the list are similar in size and function. All of the devices on the list use nicotine salt e-liquids. With nicotine salts, the user can inhale more nicotine without the harshness. That means more satisfaction in less vapor.

The last two JUUL alternatives on the list are actually regular pod systems. But they are the two top rated pod vapes for 2019. The Suorin Drop and Smok Rolo Badge are rounded shaped devices as opposed to the JUUL style vape devices. But both the Drop and the Badge are small, portable, and easy as pie to use and enjoy.

Overall, our top rated and best JUUL alternative is the Brez.

The Best JUUL Alternative – Brez

Brez Vapor pod system is very similar to JUUL in appearance. But in the Brez, Apollo has packed a long lasting 320 mAh battery. Compare that to the 200 mAh JUUL battery. The Brez battery has 37% more battery capacity and that equals probably the best battery life in this class of vape device. Better yet, the gold plated contacts ensure rapid charging and the vaping is incredibly consistent.

The Apollo Brez pods use ceramic cartridges for a pure vapor and flavor. Also, Brez pods have 30% more e-liquid than JUUL pods. The gold plated contacts are held securely in place magnetically. There is no need to twist or tug to replace cartridges. Plus vapers can track the e-liquid level because the window provides a visual of the e-juice remaining. The Brez is just a beautiful, easy to use vape device from one of the original independent American vape companies.

Brez – JUUL Comparisons

  • Battery: JUUL 200 mAh – Brez 320 mAh
  • Cartridges: JUUL 0.7 ml – Brez ceramic cartridges 1.0 ml
  • Size: JUUL – 95mm x 14mm x 7mm
  • Brez – 104 mm x 16mm x 8mm

Brez cartridges, or pods if you prefer, come in five different flavors and two nicotine levels. Choose from either 25 mg of nicotine or 50 mg. The Brez starter kit comes with five 50 mg cartridges, one of each flavor.


the best juul alternative vapor device

See The Brez Deluxe Kit. Compare To JUUL.


PHIX Pod System vs. JUUL

The next JUUL alternative is the PHIX pod system by MLV. The PHIX device has a 280 mAh battery and each pod contains 1.5 ml of 50 mg salt nicotine e-juice. The PHIX starter kit comes with one tobacco flavored PHIX pod and sells for $34.00. Replacement pods come in packs of four and sell for $22.99 per pack. But remember that each PHIX pod has twice as much e-juice as a JUUL pod. PHIX pods come in four flavors. You can choose from Tobacco, Strawberry, Ice, and Spearmint. There is also a mixed pack available.

Like the Brez, the PHIX cartridges are held in place magnetically. Removing and replacing pods is incredibly easy. The PHIX vaping system is indeed easy to use. The 50 mg nicotine pods deliver a string, dense, and flavorful vapor.

PHIX – JUUL Comparison

  • Battery: JUUL 200 mAh – PHIX 280 mAh
  • Cartridges: JUUL 0.7 ml – PHIX 1.5 ml
  • Size: JUUL – 95mm x 14mm x 7mm
  • PHIX – 110mm x 19mm x 10.5mm


the phix by mlv is similar to the juul but has a larger battery and more salt nicotine e-liquid in each pod

Check Out The PHIX Pod Vape System Here


Smok Novo Pod System vs. JUUL

The Smok Novo pod system is a new product and a larger JUUL alternative but still similar in many ways. Similar in height to the JUUL, Brez, and PHIX, the NOVO is wider at almost a full inch. The NOVO is a larger device but still portable. And in exchange for taking on more size, the user gets more battery capacity and larger capacity e-liquid cartridges. Each cartridge will hold 2 ml of e-liquid. Speaking of cartridges, that brings us to another difference from the other JUUL alternatives we have discussed so far.

Smok Novo cartridges require manual filling. That means that you buy salt nicotine e-liquid separately and then fill the Smok Novo cartridge yourself. Manual filling has its pros and cons. Obviously the extra work required to fill a pod is less convenient than JUUL disposable pods. But on the other hand, you can re-use the pods a few times so your money will go further.

Buying a 30 ml bottle of Apollo’s USA made salt nicotine e-liquid will cost less than $20. A three-pack of Novo pods costs $12.95 so that means one pod costs $4.32. If you use that pod four times the total investment comes out to $9.50 to vape 8 ml of e-liquid. Compare that to JUUL where it costs about $5 to vape 0.7 ml of e-liquid. As a result, your dollar will stretch further. With the Novo. And you can choose from a dozen plus Apollo nicotine salt e-liquid flavors.

JUUL – Smok Novo Comparison

  • Battery: JUUL 200 mAh – Novo 450 mAh
  • Cartridges: JUUL 0.7 ml – Novo 2.0 ml
  • Size: JUUL – 95mm x 14mm x 7mm
  • Novo size 88mm x 24mm x 14mm

compare the smok novo to the juul vapor system

Learn More About The Smok Novo And Compare To JUUL


Smok Infinix vs. JUUL

The Smok Infinix is another JUUL alternative that has refillable pods. The user can fill the pod with any Apollo nicotine salt e-liquid. The Infinix kit comes with a specially designed e-liquid bottle. The bottle has a nozzle that is designed to fill Infinix pods. So the user will fill the bottle with Apollo nic salt e-liquid and then fill the pod. This is an excellent idea and makes refilling pods so much easier.

Smok Infinix pods come on packs of three and sell for $11.99. Each pod has a 2 ml e-liquid capacity. Pods snap into place very easily. The device itself has a 250 mAh battery. The Smok Infinix comes with two pods and sells for only $18.99 but you will need to buy nicotine salt e-liquid separately. This is one of the JUUL alternatives that looks a lot like the real JUUL vapor device.

Infinix – JUUL Alternative Comparison

  • Battery: JUUL 200 mAh – Infinix 250 mAh
  • Cartridges: JUUL 0.7 ml – 2.0 ml
  • Size: JUUL – 95mm x 14mm x 7mm
  • Infinix 110mm x 12.5mm x 11mm

which e-cigarette is the most like juul it may be the smok infinix kit

Learn More About The Infinix - A Device Similar In Appearance To JUUL


Suorin Drop vs. JUUL

The next best JUUL alternative on the list is a bit different. We could have chosen a more similar device but we just feel like JUUL vapers would truly enjoy the Suorin Drop. The Drop was probably the most popular pod vape system of the last year. It literally did not get a bad review from any major reviewer. Ultimately, the Suorin Drop is all about simplicity.

The Drop is shaped like … a drop! Hence the name. Each Suorin Drop pod inserts into the body of the device to complete the teardrop shape. The design is in fact an excellent configuration to contain a 310 mAh battery and a 2 ml capacity pod in a small amount of space. The pods are easy to fill with e-juice. Once full, insert the pod and start vaping. Yes, it’s that easy.

JUUL – Suorin Drop Comparison

  • Battery: JUUL 200 mAh – Drop 310 mAh
  • Pods: JUUL 0.7 ml – Suorin Drop pods 2 ml
  • Size: JUUL – 95mm x 14mm x 7mm
  • Suorin Drop – 73mm x 49mm x 12mm
  • Both work best with nicotine salt e-liquids


Take A Closer Look At The Suorin Drop Pod System Here


Smok Rolo Badge vs. JUUL

Rounding out the top six JUUL alternatives for 2019 is the Smok ROLO Badge. To be honest, the Badge is like an upside down Suorin Drop. But that is not a bad thing! It is simply a new take on a popular design. However, most importantly, the Rolo Badge pod system vapes very well. It also meets the requirements for ease of use and overall quality.

Into the nitty gritty details! The Smok Rolo Badge pod vaping system utilizes a 250 mAh battery and refillable pods with a 2 ml e-juice capacity. This device is designed to work with nicotine salt e-juice, just like JUUL Vapor e-cigs. This all seems pretty standard but now I am going to tell you the real reason why the Smok Rolo Badge made the list of the best JUUL alternatives. Frankly, it is the money. A three pack of Smok Rolo pods is only $7.95, the lowest priced pods for any quality device. And some people use one pod for two to three weeks. So your money goes a long way with the Rolo Badge and Apollo nicotine salt e-liquids.

The device itself is easy to use. Some people say that they find refilling the pods to be a little tricky but it’s really pretty easy. The vapor production is excellent and the device is durable and well made.

Rolo Badge – JUUL Comparison

  • Battery: JUUL 200 mAh – Smok Rolo Badge – 250 mAh
  • Cartridges: JUUL 0.7 ml – Rolo Badge – 2.0 ml
  • Size: JUUL – 95mm x 14mm x 7mm
  • Rolo – 73mm x 50mm x 12mm

the smok rolo badge offers a better long term value than juul vapor devices

Check Out The Smok Rolo Badge Pod Vaping System


JUUL Popularity

In the last two years, JUUL popularity has grown exponentially. And that is not an exaggeration. In fact, JUUL sales have increased almost 1000% since 2016. Giving credit where credit is due, JUUL really changed the game with nicotine salts and pod devices. With that level of success, Big Tobacco came knocking.

Along the way to the marriage of JUUl and Big Tobacco, two of the early vape brands have been closed down. Both V2 Cigs and Green Smoke have been closed. First, JUUL closed down V2. And then, Altria closed down Green Smoke. All of their customers were left out in the cold. But that is what sometimes happens when big, corporate business gets involved. Everything becomes all about the numbers.

Fortunately, V2 customers can buy V2 compatible cartridges and accessories from Apollo. That’s because Apollo serves adult vapers for all styles of vaping.

And Green Smoke customers can buy Green Smoke compatible e-cigs from Apollo.

Whether or not JUUL becoming partners with Big Tobacco will help or hurt remains to be seen. In the short term, it will likely be a big help.

Many Vapers Are Opposed To Big Tobacco

Big Tobacco has a very dark history. The Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health did not come out until the early 60s. But Big Tobacco knew about the deadly consequences of smoking cigarettes decades earlier. Of course, they told no one. They ran advertisements tying smoking to weight loss. Worse, Big Tobacco would give free cigarettes to US military service members hoping to addict a generation of young people for a lifetime. This happened right through the Vietnam War. Want to know more?

In the last few decades, the public has been fully aware of the dangers of smoking. In fact, smoking is linked to over 400,000 deaths in the United States every single year. Despite the acknowledgement of the danger and the staggering toll of the consequences, Big Tobacco has made cigarettes even worse. One might assume that companies would try and roll back the noxious chemical additives in cigarettes. But that is not the case. Cigarette additives have only gotten worse in recent times.

As a result, we completely understand any JUUL customers who are disappointed that JUUL Vapor is now a partner with Big Tobacco. The amount of money exchanged is just staggering, hard to blame JUUL. But Apollo has no Big Tobacco affiliation. We are an independent American business. Plus we have no corporate overlord telling us what to do. Our only goal is to serve every adult vaper and provide the best products and e-juices.

Devices Similar To And Comparable To JUUL Vapor

The list of the best JUUL alternatives is meant to provide adult vapers options. Options in terms of looking for a better value or a slightly different device. We also wanted to show people that they have options for a device similar to JUUL but not connected to Big Tobacco. There are a number of reasons why vapers might like an alternative to buying a JUUL system. Perhaps just to try something different. Whatever your reason, this is a recap of our list of the best JUUL alternatives.

  1. Brez
  2. PHIX
  3. Smok Novo
  4. Infinix
  5. Suorin Drop
  6. Rolo Badge

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