Looking for some sweet pastry flavored E-Liquids? Try the new Flakey Vapes range at just $4.95 for 60ml

By April 23, 2018Deals, Promotions
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Just as the name suggest it, the Flakey e juice collection features the most mesmerizingly buttery vapes! Developing amazing tasting flakey pastry is so our thing, so we worked on improving the ejuice formula until we reached the perfect layering of flavors and just the right amount of vapor to suit our picky taste. To simply top any other flakey pastry inspired eliquids, we came up with some pretty remarkable blends of syrupy fruit flavors and added just the right amount of creaminess to complete the ‘to die for’ taste.

Apple Cinnamon Danish

Warm sweet Apples covered in cinnamon and brown sugar then heaped on top of our buttery, flakey pastry.

Blueberry Danish

Flakey buttery pastry topped with sweet and tart Blueberries for the perfect combination of baked goodness.

Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish

Smooth Cream Cheese meets Raspberry in a swirl of vaping goodness atop a flakey buttery pastry.

Strawberry Danish

Sweet summer Strawberries in jam is layered over the flakey, buttery pastry for a perfect summer vape.

Sweet Cream Danish

Fresh from the oven, this buttery, flakey pastry is kept simple with a bit of Sweet Cream to finish the perfect morning treat.

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