New E-Liquid Bundles at Apollo Vapes

By December 29, 2020Deals, E-liquids

You probably observed a few changes on our website. Among other things, we have updated the structure of the Bulk Pack E-Liquids so that you can create now any number of combinations. 

All you have to do is mark the number of bottles you want in a pack for each flavor under each nicotine strength.

Say you want 2 x 30ml bottles of Salt Breeze at 35mg strength you will put number “2” under the 35ml column and on the Salt Breeze row. 

Add as many bottles as you wish of a nicotine/flavor combination by writing the number in the corresponding box. The system will add automatically a discount in the following ranges:

2-5 bottles – 5% discount applied
6-10 bottles – 10% discount applied
11-15 bottles – 15% discount applied
>16 bottles – 20% discount applied

Please note that on top of these discounts you can use also any active promotion like the one we are running now so that you can get e-liquids for as low as 1/2 the price. 

30ml Apollo 50/50 E-Liquids Bundle Pack

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60ml MaxVG E-Liquids Bundle Pack

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30ml Tobacco Lover’s E-Liquids Bundle Pack

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Smoozie Salt Nic E-Liquids Bundle Pack 

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30ml Fruit Fusion E-Liquids Bundle Pack

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Salt Nic E-Liquids Bundle Pack

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