Should I Get A Smoker A Vape For The Holidays?

By December 20, 2019Vaping

We all know the deal. You have been trying to get your husband, sibling, friend to quit smoking traditional cigarettes and switch to vaping, but all you get back is excuses. Sometimes your loved ones just need a push in the right direction.

Gifting them a vape this holiday season may be the perfect solution. They will have no excuses but to try it out. Once they see how satisfying a vape can be and how much better they feel compared to their old habits, you may just win them over!

But what vape should I gift them? I have two recommendations for you: the Apollo Challenger Kit and the Brez Deluxe Pod Kit.

The Challenger Kit

The Apollo Challenger Kit contains 2 Challenger Cigalike Batteries, 1 USB charger, car charger, and user manual. This kit is perfect for former smokers because it has a very similar look, feel, and throat hit as a traditional cigarette. These similarities make the transition to e-cigarettes as easy and seamless as possible!

The Apollo Challenger batteries pair perfectly with our Challenger Kit Cartomzers. Cartomizers are pre-filled with e-liquid making this kit extremely easy and convenient to use. All you have to do it screw on a fresh cartomizer and vape away!

I recommend purchasing at least 1 pack of cartomizers to pair with your Challenger Kit so your gift recipient can start vaping right away.

The BREZ Pod Kit

The Brez Deluxe Pod System was designed specifically with former smokers in mind. This kit contains 1 Brez battery, magnetic charging adapter paired with a microUSB cord, instruction manual, and 5 pre-filled pods. This device has a sleek design, long battery life, and is made for convenience. All you need to do is snap in a fresh pod, and you can vape away. Additionally, the Brez has a tight draw, strong throat hit, and 50mg of nicotine making it very satisfying.

The best thing about this kit for new vapers is that included are 5 pods of a variety of flavors. This will allow for your recipient to try a variety of different flavors to see what works best for them! Not everyone’s palette is the same. While some people make like a classic tobacco or menthol, others may want a sweeter fruit flavor. Finding something you actually enjoy is the key to a successful switch.

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