Town Petitions City Hall To Ban Vape Flavors

By December 1, 2018Safety
foxboro ma residents petition city hall to ban e-liquid flavors

Residents of the town of Foxboro, Massachusetts have organized and are petitioned local government to ban flavored vapor products from every retail outlet in town. Foxboro is a town of about 18,000 located in Norfolk County. The town is perhaps most famous for being the location of the New England Patriots football stadium. Part of the Boston metro area, local Foxboro residents are taking action. Taking action against what they perceive as a threat to their children.

A group of citizens led by a local pediatrician has petitioned the town’s local board of health to initiate a vape flavor ban. The group collected 221 signatures and presented them to the board of health. In addition, the group did make an exception for smoke and vape shops. Specifically, shops only serve customers over 21 years of age. No decision or action has been taken as yet.

Foxboro Petition To Ban Vape Flavors

The groups petition states the following:

 “As parents of children in the Town of Foxboro, we insist that our Board of Health restrict flavored nicotine and tobacco products immediately, only allowing their sale in smoke and vape shops that are 21+ to enter. We do not want our children exposed to these dangerous and addictive products when they go into our local convenience stores.

“Across the state, 136 Boards of Health covering over 59 percent of the state’s population have signed onto this flavored nicotine and tobacco restriction. Given the current nicotine addiction epidemic in our middle and high schools, it is this board’s duty to look out for our children and attempt to remedy this situation.”

As a community, we vapers are concerned about the fearmongering regarding vapor products. Both teen and general smoking rates are reaching all-time lows. However, this law is well-intended and may indeed deter young people from taking up vaping. We are adamant in out belief that adult tobacco consumers should have the freedom to choose their favorite vape flavors. Allowing smoke and vape shops to continue to offer flavors to adult tobacco consumers seems a fair compromise.

Our hope is that any groups that have concerns about vaping will work with the vaping community. Our community wants to find sensible solutions. As a community, we support common sense measures that will prevent youth vaping. We also support an adult vaper’s right to a full range of flavors. Furthermore, we believe that those two goals can co-exist.

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