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where to buy e-cig cartridges and parts that work with v2 cigs now that v2 is closed

V2 Cigs is closed permanently. That means V2 customers will no longer be able to buy any V2 products. But don’t throw away your V2 Cigs just yet! Any customers looking for refill cartridges and batteries compatible with V2 cigs can use Apollo cigalike kits, batteries, and cartomizers, which are identical to V2. So there is a silver lining. But many want to know what happened. The full story of V2’s closing started in early 2018.

In April of 2018, Chinese state owned Huaboa acquired 51% of V2 Cigs and parent company VMR. Then in October of 2018, JUUL Vapor bought total controlling interest from Huaboa and VMR. As of November 2, 2018 JUUL shuttered V2 Cigs for good. The rewards programs and the V2 Vape4Free program are ended. For the rewards program, V2 will offer individual settlements with those with customers that have outstanding rewards points. But for certain, V2 is not filling another order. It is over.

If you ask -Where can I buy V2 Cigs now? You can’t. That’s the cold hard reality. But, abandoned V2 Cigs customers do have a place to turn. Apollo E-cigs are compatible with V2 Cigs. Our cartridges, batteries, and chargers are identical and interchangeable with V2 Cigs products. The V2 Standard E-cig Kits are the same of the Apollo Challenger Extreme E-cig starter kit. And that includes all components including battery, cartridges, and chargers.

UPDATE: While V2 customers are frustrated by these developments, Apollo E-cigs is welcoming V2 customers and offering a huge 25% discount for customers requiring V2 Cigs compatible cartridges, parts, and e-liquids.

V2 customers can use Apollo coupon code v2welcome25 

E-cig Cartridges Compatible With V2 Cigs

Where can I buy e-cig cartridges compatible with V2 Cigs? Now that abandoned V2 Cigs customers can no longer buy refill cartridges, don’t worry. Apollo E-cigs refill cartridges are compatible with V2 cartridges. As mentioned, Apollo e-cigs and V2 cigs are identical and interchangeable.

  • V2 Cigs Red refill cartridges – compatible with Apollo Tobacco refill cartridges
  • V2 Cigs Menthol Cartridges – compatible with Apollo Menthol e-cig refill cartridges

where can i buy electronic cigarette cartridges that work with v2 cigs

V2 Compatible E-Cig cartridges.

More V2 Compatible Cartridges

In addition to the V2 compatible cartridges listed above, Apollo blank cartridges will work on V2 Cigs. These cartridges are easy to fill with your choice of e-liquid. All you have to do is pull out the cap on the top of the cartridge. Then, slowly put about 20 drops of e-liquid into the cartridge. Allow a few minutes for the absorbent material to become fully saturated. Finally, attach the cartridge to the V2 e-cig battery and start vaping!

For other compatible V2 e-liquid flavors, you can also use Apollo Challenger Extreme V2 compatible blank cartridges. An Apollo blank cartridge is an empty cartridge that you can fill with any 50/50 Apollo e-liquid. That means that you can use any flavor you want in your V2 compatible cartridge. Each cartridge, or cartomizer, can be used three or four times so there is a better value as well.

Get V2 Compatible Blank Cartridges Here

V2 Compatible E-cig Flavors

While Apollo offers dozens of e-liquid flavors to choose from, we have taken the liberty of highlighting a few that match V2 e-cig flavors. Yes, these are V2 compatible e-cig flavors so you can keep vaping your V2 Cigs with the flavors that you like.

  • V2 Sahara E-cig Flavor – Apollo Sahara
  • V2 Peppermint E-cig Flavor – Apollo Candy Cane Peppermint
  • V2 Congress E-cig Flavor – Apollo Classic Tobacco
  • V2 Vanilla E-Cig Flavor – Apollo French Vanilla
  • V2 Cherry E-cig Flavor – Apollo Cherry Limeade
  • V2 Coffee E-cig Flavor – Apollo Cappuccino
  • V2 Cola E-cig Flavor –  Apollo Hemi Orange Cola

Buy Replacement Cartridge Tanks For V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit

The V2 Cigs standard e-liquid kit was perhaps the company’s most popular product. The Standard E-Liquid kit utilized a mini vape tank attached to a cigalike battery. Each tank could be refilled multiple times, which offered a better value for customers. Plus, users could use any type of 50/50 e-liquid and as a result, increase flavor options.

Apollo offers replacement V2 cartridge tanks for the Standard E-Liquid e-cigs. The Kanger T4S clearomizer will work on V2 Cigs. The T4S works the same way as the V2 refillable tanks. Simply remove the base, fill with e-liquid, replace the base, connect to the battery and vape. The T4S tanks are rated at 2.0 ohms to 2.2 ohms. This is the ideal resistance for both vapor production and getting maximum use from each tank.

The T4S tank from Apollo is the replacement for V2 tanks. Priced at only $2.95 each, remember you can also use the coupon for V2 customers and save 25%.

replacement tanks for v2 standard e-liquid kit

Get V2 Cigs Tank Replacements Here

V2 E-Liquids For The Standard E-Liquid Kit

Although you can’t buy V2 e-liquids for the V2 Standard E-Liquid kit, Apollo 50/50 e-liquids will work in V2 Standard E-liquid tanks. Apollo 50/50 e-liquids are made in the USA at our state of the art west coast lab. All ingredients are sourced in the USA as well. 50/50 e-juice is perfect for V2 Standard E-liquid tanks and blank refill cartridges.

v2 cigs compatible e-liquids

V2 Compatible E-Liquid Flavors From Apollo

V2 Cigs E-cig Batteries Are Identical To Apollo Extreme Batteries

If you have a large supply of V2 cartridges but need a new battery, Apollo e-cig batteries are interchangeable with V2 e-cigarette batteries. Specifically, Apollo Extreme batteries are replacement batteries for V2 e-cig batteries. Apollo Extreme batteries are top quality 280 mAh batteries are automatic. That means that they detect when you take a puff and produce vapor automatically. Furthermore, these batteries recharge very fast and last a long time!

Our V2 compatible e-cig batteries come in two different colors. The tip lights each time you vape. They work exactly the same as V2 Cigs automatic e-cig batteries.

Apollo Extreme V2 Compatible Batteries


V2 Cigs Battery Charger

Apollo Extreme Kit battery chargers are interchangeable with the V2 Standard e-cig batterie chargers. V2 Cigs customers can recharge V2 e-cig batteries with Apollo Extreme kit V2 compatible battery chargers. There are both USB chargers and car chargers available. Our battery chargers will charge e-cig batteries quickly, fully, and safely.

Battery Chargers For V2 E-cig Batteries


Apollo Extreme E-cig Kits Are Identical To V2 Standard E-cig Kits

We have talked about the various parts and components that are identical to the V2 Cigs Standard E-cig kits. In fact, the Apollo Challenger Extreme Kit is the same across the board. All of the components are interchangeable with V2 Cigs. That includes batteries, cartridges and chargers. As a result, V2 customers do not have to change to a new style of e-cig or vaping.

The quality of Apollo electronic cigarettes is on par if not better than any in the industry. In addition, we have been in vaping since the earliest days. Our products stand the test of time and are proven performers. Our combination of quality, price, and value will provide V2 customers a soft place to land. So don’t worry. It is unfortunate that V2 is gone. But you can keep vaping without interruption or change. Keep your V2 Cigs, you can buy compatible e-cigs from Apollo.

apollo e-cig kit that is interchangeable with and identical to the v2 standard electronic cigarette kits

Apollo Ecig Kit Identical To V2 Ec-ig Kit


Other Suggestions For Compatible V2 Products

V2 Cigs made one type of vape mod. The V2 Trinity mod kit is a box mod with a vape tank that can work with both standard and sub ohm e-liquids. When vaping the Trinity tank with atomizers above 1.0 ohms, Apollo 50/50 e-liquids are compatible. Moreover, we have a lot more flavors than V2!

If vaping atomizers less than 1.0 ohms, Apollo VG e-liquids are compatible with the V2 Trinity tank and mod kit. There are many flavors to choose from including flavors similar to your favorite V2 flavors. V2 customers can also check out all of our flavors. Try something new or stick with your favorite.

Check Out All E-Liquids Here


If you were a V2 customer and are now asking yourself, where can I buy e-cigs that are identical and interchangeable with V2 cigs? – well you are in luck. Apollo Extreme kit components are also identical to V2 Cigs E-cig kits. And Apollo 50/50 e-liquids will work in the V2 Standard E-Liquid tanks. Of course we also have V2 compatible cartridges. So you can keep enjoying your current vape set up with V2 compatible Apollo e-cig products.

The big money corporate world is cutthroat. When huge corporate interests get involved, you never know what can happen. Unfortunately for V2 Cigs customers, that world is cold and calculating. Consequently, V2 Cigs was closed for business reasons. That’s all there is to it. However, we at Apollo want you to know that you do not have to feel left out in the cold. Apollo is a down to earth, independent American vape company and our concern is our customers. Not shareholders. As a result, we are here for you and we are not going anywhere.

If you have any questions about other types of e-cigs or anything else for that matter, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can help V2 customers find an ideal new vape.

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