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The sudden closing of V2 Cigs left many vapers feeling left out in the cold. But don’t worry, V2 e-liquids are available. Rather V2 compatible e-liquids. In fact, Apollo has compatible e-liquids that are made and sourced in the USA. The fact of the matter is that V2 Cigs is closed for good. For vapers that have been using V2 Cigs liquids for years, we will show you a compatible e-juice flavor. Plus, we will give you a special discount offer exclusively for former V2 customers.

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Apollo E-cigs is not going anywhere. V2 sold the majority stake to a big corporate interest. Once big business is involved, the interests of customers tend to take second place to the shareholders. At Apollo, we are an independent American business. We have no corporate overlords! Our only allegiance is to you, our customers. We will not abandon you.

V2 E-Liquids

V2 E-Liquids were a PG e-liquid designed for electronic cigarettes with atomizers above 1.0 ohms. The V2 liquids were designed to use in the following V2 cigs kits:

  • V2 Cigs Standard Kit – a cigalike type e-cigarette
  • V2 Cigs Standard E-Liquid Kit – cigalike battery with mini refillable tank
  • Vapor 2 Trinity – box mod vape kit
  • V2 Pro Series vape pens – multi function vaporizers

If you go to a vape shop, most of the liquids that they sell are actually VG e-liquids. The problem is that VG e-liquids will not work in the V2 e-cigs or the Pro Series vaporizers. That’s why you need a V2 compatible e-liquid. Apollo has 50/50 e-liquids that are perfect for V2 e-cigs and the Pro Series vape pens with the e-liquid cartridges. By the way, if V2 customers are out of cartridges, you can find V2 compatible e-cig cartridges at Apollo.

V2 Platinum E-liquids came in five different nicotine levels. For the cigalike kits, customers used pre-filled cartridges. For users of the V2 Standard E-Liquid kit, users used separate e-liquid bottles to manually fill the tanks.

V2 E-Liquid Flavors

V2 Cigs E-liquids came in the following flavors:

  • V2 Red e-liquid – a strong, tobacco flavor. This was V2’s most popular flavor.
  • V2 Sahara e-liquid – dry tobacco flavor.
  • V2 Menthol e-liquid – a straight menthol tobacco e-liquid flavor.
  • V2 Congress e-liquid – Congress is an American tobacco flavor. Not as strong as Red.
  • V2 Grape e-liquid – grape flavored vape liquid.
  • V2 Coffee e-liquid – solid coffee flavored vape.
  • V2 Peppermint – definite peppermint and not menthol.
  • V2 Cherry e-liquid – tart cherry taste.
  • V2 Cola e-liquid – tasted like a cola.

Customers of V2 cigs who are used to theese e-juices can find replacements below.

Replacement V2 E-Liquid Flavors

replacement v2 e-liquids from apollo vapor

While you cannot buy V2 e-liquids anymore, Apollo offers a range of V2 compatible e-liquids. Choose from five different nicotine levels. As a bonus, Apollo actually has many additional flavors to choose from as well. Plus, Apollo e-liquids are not only made in the USA, but all of the ingredients are sourced in America. The vaping is amazing. Vapor density and satisfaction are the envy of the industry.

Where can I buy V2 e-liquids? You can’t but check out these V2 compatible e-liquid options:

  • Replace V2 Red with Apollo Simply Tobacco e-liquid. Simply Tobacco is a rugged tobacco flavor.
  • Replace V2 Sahara with Apollo Sahara.
  • Instead of V2 Menthol, try Apollo Classic Tobacco Menthol.
  • V2 Cola can be replaced by Apollo Hemi e-liquid.
  • For V2 Congress ejuiceĀ  substitute Apollo Triple Nickel, which is a nutty tobacco.
  • Replace V2 Coffee e-liquid with Apollo Cappuccino e-liquid.
  • Apollo Candy Cane e-liquid is a perfect replacement for V2 Peppermint.
  • Replace V2 Vanilla e-liquid with Apollo’s Vanilla e-juice flavor.
  • Instead of V2 Cherry, try Apollo Pina Colada e-liquid.

As a bonus, Apollo has several more flavor options than V2 customers are used to. Very few vape companies still make a 50/50 e-liquid. Apollo has continued to serve all vapers with a range of vapor products for every style of vaping.

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V2 E-cigs Parts

V2 cigalikes and the Standard E-Liquid kit batteries are compatible with Apollo cigalikes. Replacement batteries and refill cartridges are available from Apollo Electronic Cigarettes.

For V2 customers currently using the Pro Series vape pens, there are many new options available. The Pro Series vaporizers worked with magnetic cartridges inserted into the body of the device. In essence, the Pro Series were pod systems. Now, pod systems are widely available and very affordable. Furthermore, the pod systems available today are excellent quality.

Another advantage of pod vapes is that nicotine salt e-liquids can be used. Nic salt liquids have more nicotine so you get more punch with less vaping. Because the nicotine is a different form from the stems of the tobacco plant as opposed to the leaves, the nicotine is less harsh when inhaled. V2 E-liquids did not come in a nic salt option. But you do have that option with Apollo. Nic salts are perfect for pod vape systems.

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Shop Apollo for replacement V2 e-juice and vapor devices. Remember V2 customers can use the special coupon code v2welcome25 and get a huge discount. Apollo welcomes V2 customers and we will be here for you.

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    I have used the V2 products for 6 years. I use the V23X battery. You have stated that the e-liquids were PG, yes they were. But you could also buy it in a VG formula. I used Sahara .06 VG. I have found the V2 PG liquid in the UK, but not the VG formula. I will keep looking.

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