Vaping Safety. Charger Compatibility is Critical.

By February 15, 2018Vaping
battery charger safety
Nobody likes being upsold products no matter the situation. When I don’t need something, I don’t need it. But when it comes to vape, there is a huge difference between being upsold on your purchase and being told about the products you will need for safety.
Compatibility is key in safe vaping. You do not want a wall adapter or a charger that is not recommended for proper usage with your specific device or batteries. Your life matters more than a few bucks for a wall adapter. Get the right charger for your battery. Mixing and matching is a bad idea.
When a battery is charging, electricity is flowing to your device at a certain rate. Ensuring your wall adapter or charger itself are the proper output is very important. Too fast of a charge can be devastating. A battery charging at a faster pace can cause your battery or device to heat up and expand. A hot battery expanding is a nice way of saying, “boom!”

Battery Safety

You have probably seen videos of e-cig batteries catching on fire. Chances are those were cases of mixing and matching chargers and batteries. Another thing you can do for vape battery safety is buy a carry case for your batteries. Carrying loose batteries in a pocket or purse where there can come in contact with metal coins and keys can lead to one of those booms I was talking about!
A battery carry case may seem like an upsell. But really a battery case will cost about a buck. That’s it. It’s about safety, not the buck.

Vaping Safety Questions? Ask Us

We at Apollo want to make sure you have the safest and most pleasant vape experience. As a customer service manager, it makes me cringe thinking of the destructive things that could happen to a customer. This is why we always recommend if you are not sure of the proper output or your wall adapter (charging block) at home, to please grab one with your purchase on our site.


If you are still unsure, please ask us. We’re always here to help. In fact, we want to help. If you have any doubt or concern, let’s talk about it. When it comes to safety and learning something new, there are no such things as dumb questions.


As I mentioned earlier, nobody likes to be upsold on their orders. Nobody likes being squeezed for every penny. But this is not upselling. This is not a fashion statement. This is for your safety.
Vape safe my friends,
Cyrus World-Peace
For more information on safe vaping and proper charging, please contact [email protected] or try our live chat! Our team is here to help! a safe and enjoyable vaping experience is our goal!

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