Pod Mods. What Are They? Want One?

By February 14, 2018Vaping
what is a pod mod

One of the recent trends in vaping is pod mods! It’s also kind of fun to say. Pod mod. It just rolls off the tongue. What is a pod mod? It is an electronic cigarette that uses either disposable or refillable pods. A pod is essentially a cartridge designed for ease of use and convenience. Insert pod into the device and vape. It is easy. They come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes.

Who are pod vapes for? Number one, they are designed for convenience and portability. They are not for cloud chasers. In fact, most pod style vapes are geared toward new vapers or as a convenient back-up vape for aficionados. For example, a 200 watt mod and cloud making vape tank are not always suitable for carrying in a work environment. Pod mods can fill that gap.

It is also very important to note that not all pod mods are the same. The market is currently being flooded by pod style vapes. There is a rush to capitalize on a trend. That can be good for a consumer in terms of competition, but it can also be bad as the market floods with junky products. What we need to do is sort through all of this. We need to separate the wheat from the chaff and make sure that you have the information you need to make an informed choice.

What Are Pod Mods?

What are pod mods? Simply a vaping device where a pod with e-liquid is inserted into the body of the mod. There is no tank. There are no atomizer coils. Instead of a coil, you have the pod, or cartridge. The pod will either snap in place or be held in place by magnets.

  • To use an analogy, pod mods are the Keurig coffee makers of vaping. Pop in a pod and vape. That’s it.
  • The defining characteristics of pod vapes are the convenience and ease of use.

Each pod is designed for a very specific device. Pod cartridges are not interchangeable. For example a Cue Vapor pod will not work in an Joyetech Penguin mod. Some pods come pre-filled and others are refillable with your favorite e-liquid. Usually, the best e-liquid for pod mods is Apollo 50/50 and salt blends.

The majority of pod mods are for MTL vaping with atomizers above 1.0 ohms. MTL stands for mouth to lung. That means you draw the vapor into your mouth and then inhale. This is the same inhalation style used when smoking. The convenience and familiarity make pod mods popular with beginners.

pod mods are the most convenient electronic cigarettes

Pod Vape Pros And Cons

We will keep the pro and con list short and sweet. Ultimately, pod mods are pretty simple. Convenient but more expensive than using a mod with a refillable vape tank. Basically you are paying for ease of use and convenience.


  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Portable


  • Limited flavor choices
  • Can be expensive

Pod style vapes do not produce as much vapor as an box mod and sub ohm tank. Pod mods are not designed for that. But the nicotine content in a pod tends to be higher than you get in VG e-liquids for cloud chasers. That means that even though there is less vapor you can still get a satisfying vape from a pod vape.

Examples Of Pod Vape Systems

There are several examples of pod vape systems. You may have seen the ads on TV for the Cue Vapor System. That is a sub ohm pod mod system. The highest nicotine content you can get with Cue is 6 mg. If you want a sub ohm direct lung inhale pod system, Cue could be a good choice but be forewarned that replacement pods are $7 a piece.

Another popular pod vape system is JUUL. The JUUL is a very small device and the battery life is short, but it is portable, convenient, and the vapor is strong. JUUL pods sell for about $16 for a pack of four. Each pod contains 0.7 ml of e-liquid.

example of a refillable vape pod

Another popular pod mod is the Joyetech Dolphin Atopack. The Dolphin has refillable pods that can be used multiple times. You do need to manually refill the pods and buy e-juice separately so you lose a little convenience vs other pod vape systems.

There you have a few examples of pod vaping devices. Now we let’s cut to the chase. Which pod systems are the best?

Best Refillable Pod Vape

How did we choose the best refillable pod vape? We approached the issue solely from the aspect of the consumer. We looked at cost, performance, portability, and ease of use. When we added it all up, the winner is the eLeaf iCare Solo.

The iCare Solo costs only $14.99. If you want to try a pod vaping system this is a great deal. The iCare is very small and the 1.1 ohm coil heads are perfect for MTL vaping with Apollo 50/50 e-liquid. The 350 mAh battery has enough staying power for several hours of vaping. It only takes an hour to fully recharge. For such an affordable device, you will be surprised by the vapor production.

As you see in the picture below, the iCare Solo is compact and easy to carry. This refillable pod system is easy to use, enjoyable to use, and is one of the better values in vaping period.

cheapest pod mod on the market

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Best Pod Vape System

The best pod vape system, and best value, is the PHIX pod system by MLV. The PHIX may be the easiest to use electronic cigarette product on the market today. Pods are magnetically held in place. Each pod contains 1.5 ml of e-liquid, which is twice as much as JUUL. When you are finished vaping one pod cartridge throw it away and pop in a new one. There is no manual refilling required.

The vapor is is strong, flavorful, and satisfying. It does not produce a ton of vapor, but the vapor hits the spot. The 5% nicotine will give you your nicotine fix. Hence the name PHIX! Another interesting thing is the type of nicotine used. As opposed to lab extracted nicotine in most e-cigs, the nicotine in the PHIX vape pod system is from nicotine salts.

Why nicotine salts? Glad you asked. The advantage of nicotine salts is that it is not as harsh as nicotine extracted from tobacco. It is easier and smoother to inhale yet fully gratifying. As a result, you can get more nicotine in fewer puffs.

  • PHIX is an MTL device with 1.4 to 1.5 ohm ceramic atomizers for pure flavor.

We feel that PHIX is the best pod mod vaping because of the vapor enjoyment and fulfillment. The flavors are excellent and you won’t find a more convenient way to vape.

best pod mod for vaping

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Suorin Drop

What are pod mods? The Suorin Drop may be redefining the entire category. The Drop is a compact yet sturdy tear drop shaped pod mod. The 310 mAh battery charges very quickly. Best of all, using the Suorin Drop is very easy. Basically, fill the pod, pop it in the device and you are good to go. There is a lot of buzz about the drop because of the impressive vapor production. Not just a lot of vapor, but a full-bodied satisfying vapor.

The Suorin Drop is currently the most popular pod mod with refillable pods. The Drop is everything a pod mod is designed to be. Specifically, it is compact, portable, and easy to use. The mod is this and fits easily in a pocket or purse. Replacement pods are only $4 and last for about a week. The mod itself is $23.95 which is an excellent value. Great for new vapers. And even vaping aficionados love the Drop because it is a perfect stealth vape or for travel. The Suorin Drop checks all the boxes for what people want from a pod vape.


popular pod mods like the suorin drop are easy to use

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That will wrap up our look at pod mods, a great introductory vaping product for adult tobacco consumers. Not to mention a fantastic vaping device for people seeking simplicity, portability, practicality, and convenience.

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