What Does The California Flavor Ban Mean For YOU?

By December 23, 2022Safety, Vaping

NOVEMBER 8TH, 2022 – California stunned the rest of the United States by shaking up the vape community with an all out, in store flavor ban on “tobacco products,” including synthetic nicotine and nicotine free e-liquids that have successfully helped people transition from traditional cigarettes to personal vaporizers. A bold move made by California politicians.

Proposition 31 successfully banned all in store transactions and exchanges of flavored e-liquids for personal vaporizers which suggests that fruit, cream, candy and menthol flavors were created for a younger audience. This totally disregards the successes that consenting adult consumers have made from switching to vapor from combustible cigarettes. Many California voters felt blind-sided by the same politicians who begged for their citizens to trust in the science relating to COVID Vaccines early in the pandemic. A study performed by the Royal College Of Physicians along with the UK’s Public Health Advisory has urged traditional smokers to switch to vapor and has deemed vaping as at least 95% safer ** than combustible cigarettes.

Truth be told, California voters should not be surprised. Afterall, with our current political affairs and massive “campaign contributions and donations” from private pharmaceutical companies, you are more valuable sick. Why sell the cure when you can sell the remedy?

But what does this mean for you? If you are shopping for your favorite flavors online, absolutely nothing. California residents can still have their online orders delivered directly to their mailbox. For those who enjoy going to their local smoke or vape shop, only tobacco flavors are allowed to be sold which directly ruins small businesses and their livelihood. For a state that continuously urges consumers to “shop local” and “shop small,” California politicians are left looking like the massive hypocrites they truly are.

The fear is that the “vape scare” will spread to other parts of the country. This allows politicians to take away your freedom of choice. The concern is the lack of education on vaping and the science behind it. California has done an incredible job scaring people into exchanging their rights for a false sense of security. The state claims that the vape industry is the same as the tobacco industry and wants to control your personal choices regarding e-liquid flavor preference. 

Will California come after all flavors including the ones that get mailed to you? Will it become a federal issue? Can you continue vaping the flavors you actually enjoy? Unfortunately, only time will tell. Stay tuned and stay informed.


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