What Is The Best Pod System For You?

By December 27, 2019Vaping

Pod systems are currently the most convenient vaping devices on the market. With so many options to choose from, it may be hard to pick which pod system is right for you. With this guide, you should be able to help you select the perfect pod system for your needs!


Closed System Vs Open System?

The first thing you should assess when looking for a new device is whether you want an open or closed pod system. Well, what does this mean? A closed pod system will have pre-filled pods, where you can simply pop in a pod, and vape away. An open pod system will allow you to fill, and refill, your pods with any e-liquid you choose.

The advantage to a closed pod system is convenience. You will never have to deal with changing your coils or messy e-liquid. However, the convenience does increase your overall costs and you will have a limited selection of flavors and strengths.

The main advantage to an open pod system is the flavor variety your can choose from. You are able to fill your pod with any flavor and nicotine strength if e-liquid you prefer. This open will be less expensive than a closed pod system, but make sure to change your coils regularly to avoid burning!

What Closed Pod System Will Work Best For Me?


When it comes to closed pod systems, 2 devices really stand out from the crowd: Juul and the Brez. Below you will see an overview of the devices, then we will take a closer look at the details of the devices to see what makes them unique.

Juul  – Juul is the most popular closed pod system on the market. Their pods are available at nearly every vape shop and gas station making them extremely easy to get ahold of. With Juul, you will never have to plan in advance or worry about where you will get your pods from. However, authentic Juul pods are only available in 3 flavors: Virginia Tobacco, Classic Tobacco, and Menthol. If you love these flavors, Juul may be a great fit for you. But if you have a sweeter pallet, you may consider looking elsewhere.

Brez – The Brez is a newer pod system made by Apollo that is gaining popularity in the United States. This system what made with e-liquids in mind to give you some of the best flavors on the market. Finding the right flavor is oftentimes the key to making the successful switch to vaping. With the Brez Deluxe Kit, you will be able to try out all 5 flavors to find what suits you the best. If you are able to wait a few days for your pods to be shipped to you, the Brez is definitely the way to go!

Let’s get a little more specific.

  • Size – Both systems are generally the same size, with the Juul being slightly smaller than the Brez.

    Juul – 95mm x 14mm x 7mm
    Brez – 104mm x 16mm x 8mm
  • Pod Capacity – Brez pods contain about 40% more e-liquid than Juul pods.

    Juul – 0.7 ml
    Brez – 1 ml
  • Battery Capacity – The Brez battery has an approximately 60% longer battery life than the Juul battery.

    Juul – 200 mAh
    Brez – 320 mAh
  • Flavors – Authentic Juul pods are available in only Tobacco and menthol flavors, while authentic Brez pods are available in 5 unique flavors.

    Juul – Virginia Tobacco, Classic Tobacco, Menthol
    Brez – Tobacco, RY4 (tobacco- carmel blend), Berry Blend, Melon, Breeze (menthol)
  • Nicotine Strengths – Juul pods have 2 nicotine strength options, while the Brez has one.

    Juul* – 5% and 3%
    Brez – 50 mg

    *5% is equal to about 50 mg. 3% is equal to about 30 mg.


  • Price – The Brez will have a lower start up cost and will be slightly less expensive to purchase replacement pods compared to the Juul system.

    Juul Battery* – $34.99
    Juul Pods* – $20.99 (4 pack)

    Brez Battery – $19.95
    Brez Pods – $19.95 (4 pack)
    Brez Deluxe Kit – $39.95 (includes battery, charger, and 5 pods)

    *According to Juul’s official website.


What Open Pod System Will Work Best For Me?

Open pod systems have dominated the market. There are dozens of options to choose from but today I will be focusing on a few very popular options: the Sourin Drop and Smok Nord. Below I will provide you with a summary of the devices and a more in-depth breakdown to see what is the best option for you.

Sourin Drop – The Sourin Drop is one of the simplest, most convenient open pod systems on the market. All you need to do is fill up the pod, wait approximately 5-10 minutes then vape away! Once you need of changing your coil, simply throw the whole pod away and replace it with a fresh one. This device is perfect for people only looking to use salt e-liquids and will allow you to you any salt e-liquid strength and flavor. Other than nicotine strength and flavor options, why would someone someone choose a device like the Sourin Drop? Simply the cost. 1 bottle of 30ml salt e-liquid has the same amount of e-liquid to over 40 Juul pods for $20. You will still need to purchase replacement pods, but this is huge potential savings for heavy vapers.

Smok Nord – The Smok Nord is one of the most versatile open pod systems on the market. With 2 coil option, this device allows you to use any kind of e-liquid on the market, not just salts. This device is perfect for anyone wanting to wean themselves to lower nicotine level, or simply prefers Max VG e-liquids but doesn;t want to carry around a bulky mod. And just like the Sourin Drop, you will see significant overall savings compared to a closed pod system.


  • Size – These 2 devices have significantly different shapes making a size comparison slightly difficult. The Sourin Drop is significantly shorter and sleeker than the Smok Nord, but the Smok Nord is fairly less wide and comes in a more convenient shape to store.

    Sourin Drop – 49mm x 12mm x 73mm
    Smok Nord – 94mm x 30mm x 18.8mm
  • Battery Capacity – The Smok Nord has over 3x the battery life as the Sourin Drop.

    Sourin Drop – 310 mAh
    Smok Nord – 1100 mAh
  • Pod Capacity – The Smok Nord has a 50% larger pod capacity than the Sourin Drop, allowing for more vaping time in between fill-ups.

    Sourin Drop – 2 ml
    Smok Nord – 3 ml
  • Coils – The Smok Nord has 2 coil options, while the Sourin Drop has 1. This makes the Sourin Drop easier to use but gives you less e-liquid options.

    Sourin Drop – 1.4 ohm, coils not replaceable within pod
    Smok Nord – 1.4 ohm or mesh 0.6 ohm, coils are replaceable
  • E-Liquid Options – Since the Smok Nord has more coil options, it can be ideal for any type of e-liquid. The Sourin Drop is only ideal for salt nicotine e-liquids or e-liquids with a high PG level such as Apollo’s 50/50 e-liquid line.

    Sourin Drop – Salts, 50/50
    Smok Nord – Salts, 50/50, Max VG
  • Maintenance – The Sourin Drop is lower maintenance than the Smok Nord with no need to change coils. Working with pre-coiled pods, like the Sourin Drop Cartridges, reduces your risk of having your pod leak from not installing the coil properly.

    Sourin Drop – Replace pod approximately 5 refills
    Smok Nord – Replace coil after approximately 5 refills, replace pod only when necessary
  • Price – These two devices are priced relatively the same. The Smok Nord Starter Pack is slightly cheaper since it includes an extra coil, giving you about 5 more refills without needing to purchase any replacement parts.

    Sourin Drop Starter Kit – $24.95 (includes battery, charger, 1 pod)
    Sourin Drop Replacement Pods – $3.99 (1 pod)

    Smok Nord Starter Kit – $24.95 (includes battery, charger, 1 pod, 2 coils)
    Smok Nord Replacement Pods – $7.95 (includes 1 pod and 2 coils)
    Smok Nord Replacement Coils – $14.95 (5 pack)



There are a variety of different kinds of pod systems each uniquely designed to fit the needs of every kind of vape user. If you need any extra assistance selecting the right device for you, feel free to contact our customer service at [email protected]

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