Why Does My Vape Crackle And Pop?

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what to do when vapes crack pop and spit

Why does my vape crackle and pop? When vaping, there is often an audible crackling sound. This is not abnormal. The crackling is the sound of e-liquid being heated and vaporized. The volume of the crackling sound when vaping is usually related to the wattage and resistance of the atomizer. The higher the wattage, the louder the crackle! This is totally normal and as long as the vapor does not taste burnt, there is likely nothing to worry about.

Then what is that occasional popping sound? The popping sound is different. When a vape coil is fully saturated, the vapor that forms at the coil is forced up through a layer of liquid. There might also be some popping and spitting. When a vape spits, some of the e-liquid might actually be launched up through the drip tip and into your mouth. That can be gross! But it can usually be easily remedied by increasing the wattage or switching to a thicker e-juice.

Another common cause of popping sounds while vaping is too much sweetener in the e-liquid. This is essentially a quality issue. When sugars are heated they may make a popping sound. Some sweetener is present in most e-liquids. The real problem arises because many e-liquid companies attempt to compensate for weak flavors by adding excess sweetener. Using the best quality e-liquids makes a huge difference to the enjoyment of vaping.

Vape Crackling and Popping

We have talked about the most common causes of vape crackling and popping. But let’s get more into the details. And what you can do about it. Most often, the crackling sound when vaping is much louder when sub ohm vaping. Sub ohm vaping involves more powerful vape mods and sub ohm vape tanks. Much more vapor is produced which means that much more e-liquid is being vaporized. The crackles are simply the e-juice being heated and vaporizing. The higher the wattage, the louder the crackling may tend to be. The occasional popping sound is not unusual.

  • If the crackling is very loud and you detect a burnt taste, then that means that the wattage is too high. Sub ohm vaping requires some knowledge of current and resistance. It is not meant for vaping for beginners. It is very important to set an appropriate wattage for the specific atomizer. If using home made coils, then ensure that the resistance of the coil is known and an appropriate wattage used.
  • If using pre-made coils, the wattage range should be stamped on the outside of the coil. Stay within the recommended range! If very loud vape crackling is detected accompanied by a burnt taste, then reduce wattage. Learn how to prime vape coils before use. If the burnt taste persists, it is probably that the coil has been ruined and will need to be replaced.

E-Liquid Too Thin

In addition, it is imperative to use the proper vg pg ratio e-liquid. Because sub ohm vaping involves vaporizing more liquid, a thicker e-liquid is required. VG is a thicker liquid than PG, as a result a VG e-liquid is required for sub ohm vaping. The most common types of VG e-liquid are:

  • 70 VG e-liquid
  • 80% VG e-liquid
  • Max VG e-liquid

As a general rule, the lower the resistance and the higher the wattage, the thicker the e-liquid required. Consequently, if the crackling and popping becomes excessive, a thicker e-liquid may be needed.

Popping Sounds When Vaping

The popping sounds when vaping are most often corrected by using a thicker e-liquid. The occasional pop is not unusual. On he other hand, if the popping is frequent, then something may not be right. Some of the common causes of popping sounds when vaping are:

  • Wattage or temperature too high
  • Excess sweetener in e-liquid
  • E-liquid too thin

Given the causes, the obvious remedies are to turn down the power, use only a quality e-liquid, or to switch to a higher VG e-juice. The reason that it is important to address excess popping is because you want to avoid spitting. A spitting vape will often launch e-liquid through the drip tip and into the vaper’s mouth. While not usually harmful, unless the e-juice is very hot, it is unpleasant!

Coil Design and Crackling

causes of crackling and popping sounds when vaping include coil surface area

Mesh coils cover more surface area on the wick.

Another cause of what a vape crackles and pops is the coil design. As vaping technology has progressed, new coils that cover more surface area of the wick have been developed. For example, braided coils, notch coils, and mesh coils are types of vape coils that cover a lot of the surface area of a wick. As a result, more e-juice is vaporized in  a shorter period. That means more vapor for sure, but also more crackling. And that is normal. As long as the vapor is enjoyable with no burnt taste and there is no excess popping, then all is well.

Another factor in coil technology is the atomizer resistance. For example, Notch coils have non-resistant lead wires. As a result, the current heats the surface area more rapidly. The more e-juice that is vaporized in a shorter period of time, the more crackling there will be. If the vapor is too excessive or too hot, then turning down the power is a quick remedy.

Too Much Wick / E-Juice

The art of coil building takes some time and practice to master. That skill includes wicking the coil. If too much wick is used, then it is possible to over saturate the coil. If vaping at 60 watts with an over saturated coil, loud crackling and popping can happen. Plus, there will probably be spitting! To remedy the situation, the vaper can increase the wattage if the coil resistance allows. Or, the vaper can re-wick. Unfortunately, rewicking can be a messy job! But eventually vapers become adept at wicking coils.

Is Your Boost or Pre-Heat Mode On?

While it is totally normal to hear some crackling when you fire the atomizer to have a vape, if the crackling is louder than usual then the boost or pre-heat feature might be active on your mod. Many of today’s best vape mods offer a boost or pre-heat function.

  • A boost or pre-heat function sends an initial burst of power to the coil. For example, it vaping at 50 watts in boost or pre-heat mode, the initial wattage sent to the atomizer may be 65 watts for the first second of the vape. After the initial boost, the wattage then returns to the normal setting.

If the crackling sound becomes louder when vaping with a pre-heat mode, that is normal. If you do not want a pre-heat or boost mode active, then refer to the user manual of the vape device.  Some menu systems on vape mods have short-cuts. As a result, it is conceivable that the user may accidentally activate a pre-heat function without knowing it.

Ultimately, hearing a louder crackling vape with a boost feature is normal. Many vapers like the initial boost to intensify the vape. That is the pro for using a boost feature. The con for using a boost function is that it can add stress to a coil and shorten coil life. It is up to the individual vaper.

Why Does My Vape Make Crackling and Popping Sounds?

We have covered the most common reasons that a vape makes crackling and popping sounds. In most cases, excess popping and loud cracking can be addressed by turning down the power or switching to a thicker, good quality e-juice. We recommend Apollo e-liquids because of the quality and variety of options.

Another cause not previously mentioned is using a low quality vape mod. In some cases, low quality or clone mods do not deliver a consistent current to the atomizer. Instead there can be surges or weak current that cause problems. using a quality device and the best e-liquid is so important. There are thousands of vape shops and hundreds of online vape stores. Consumers need to be aware that there are a lot of bad products and bad e-liquids out there. Apollo E-cigs has been a rock in the vaping world. Apollo has been about quality since day one. Avoid being ripped off by low quality vapor products by getting your vape gear and juice from Apollo.


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