WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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5 PACK x 30ml - Apollo Salt Nic E-Liquids Bundle Pack

Select 5 bottles of your choice from the amazing Salt Nicotine range. It is always a good deal to buy in bulk as you get to try more flavors for a lower price.  

The Bulk Discount E-liquid Pack allows you to pick 5x30ml bottles. 

Note: e-liquids in the picture are only for presentation. You may choose any flavor you wish.


Salt Nic Bulk Eliquid

If you are looking for the new hype in vaping then you are in the right place. The new salt nicotine provides a higher dose of nicotine (up to 50mg) in a single e-liquid with a lot less harshness when inhaled. It can be successfully used in pretty much any kind of device, yet users prefer to use it with Pod Systems. 

This selection allows you to order Salts in 5 bottles of 30ml each of the following flavors:


Apollo Salts

Breeze - Breeze by life with this flavor. An icy cold refreshing mint flavor perfect for warm nights and hot days. If you are a menthol lover, Breeze is the right flavor for you.
Mango - Mango is everything you have ever wanted from a sweet flavor with a proper hit. With notes of citrus blended with smooth fruit juice, Mango is a perfect balance of your favorite tropical fruit.
Melon - A uniquely smooth tropical melon created for your pleasure, Melon is a fit for all honeydew lovers! Perfect for warm nights and hot days, Melon is truly a timeless classic!
Refresh - A fantastic fruit punch with citrus notes, Refresh is the flavor for you! Similar to a popular soft drink, Refresh will quench your sweet tooth and your need for a vape flavor you can fall in love with.
RY4 - A classic concoction, RY4 is a blend of earthy tobacco notes topped with warm, smooth caramel and a butterscotch twist for a rich flavor without the overwhelming sweetness for all true tobacco lovers. An irresistible flavor, RY4 will surely go down in history as a favorite for many!
Tobacco Menthol - After years of research looking for an alternative for menthol smokers, Tobacco Menthol is finally here! A smooth and earthy tobacco kissed with a true menthol kick for that perfect balance of warm tobacco and a cool mint chill.
Watermelon - This is the juiciest flavor yet! Watermelon offers notes of a true watermelon fruit along with a sweet classic hard candy kick for any and all watermelon lovers. With each puff, you'll feel a sense of nostalgia with the candy notes reminding you of days at the candy store combined with memories family summer barbecue!
Tobacco - Closely resembling the flavor of a traditional cigarette, Tobacco is the right alternative! Warm, toasted, earthy tobacco, this flavor stands out from the rest for all true tobacco enthusiasts.
Vanilla Cream - Just like a your favorite scoop of ice cream or the frosting of a delicious cupcake, Vanilla Cream is a perfect fit for your sugary needs! Rich, bold, and full of flavor, Vanilla Cream will be your immediate choice to pair with your cup of coffee! Make sure you pick up your bottle today!
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