WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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60ml MaxVG E-Liquids Bundle Pack

Create your own combination of flavors and strengths using the list below. All you have to do is mark the number of bottles you want in a pack for each flavor under each nicotine strength.

Say you want 2 x 30ml bottles of Salt Breeze at 35mg strength you will put number "2" under the 35ml column and on the Salt Breeze row.

As low as $5.95 Regular Price $5.95
0mg MAX VG 3mg MAX VG 6mg MAX VG
DSRT Strawberry Cream Cannoli
Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs Pomegranate Potion
Firefly Orchard Electric Lemonade Watermelon Charged
Game On The Cake Is Real
Zour Blue Raspberry
Zour Frozen Blue Raspberry
King Pin
NEW - Lindbergh Pan-Am
NEW - Due Time Crisp Fuji
NEW O' So Good Glazed Donut with Vanilla Cream Filling
Smoozie Awesome Apple Sour
A La Mode Apple Pie
Java Joe Molten Mocha
NEW - FAQ Green Party
Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs Bubble Gum Brew
Firefly Orchard Electric Lemonade Blueberry Wired
Game On Mega Mango
SNCK Snickerdoodle Cookie
Zour Peach
Zour Frozen Peach
NEW - Lindbergh Bossa Nova
Smoozie Strawberries Gone Wild
NEW - Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake
Smoozie Ki-Berry Pear Sour ICE
Smoozie Blue Rizzle ICE
Java Joe Big 'Nilla
A La Mode Mixed Berry
DSRT Mint Chip Milkshake
Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs Keyberry Flux
Firefly Orchard Electric Lemonade Peach Sparked
Game On Nuka Blast
SNCK Strawberry Rice Pudding & Graham Crackers
Zour Watermelon Berry
Zour Frozen Watermelon Berry
NEW - Lindbergh Gone Baby Gone
Smoozie Strawberries Gone Wild
Smoozie Ice Maui Waui
Smoozie Wondermelon Berry Sour
Smoozie Perfectly Peachy
A La Mode Cherry Pie
RnR White Mystery
Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs Kiwi Enchanted
Zour Apple
Zour Frozen Apple
NEW O' So Good Ice Cream Donut
Smoozie Wondermelon Berry Sour ICE
Smoozie Perfectly Peachy ICE
Java Joe Caramel Cove
Game On Assassin's Cream
NEW - Lindbergh Air Mail
NEW - Due Time Lemon Bar
Smoozie Ki-Berry Pear Sour
Smoozie Blue Rizzle
A La Mode Peach Cobbler
A La Mode Chocolate Chip Cookie
Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs Caramel Concoction
SNCK Strawberry Papaya & Kiwi
Smoozie Maui Waui
Smoozie Ice Strawberries Gone Wild
Smoozie Awesome Apple Sour ICE
DSRT Raspberry Cheesecake
Firefly Orchard Electric Lemonade Raspberry Fused
Havana Nights
DSRT Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Sugar Cookie Sandwich
SNCK Banana Strawberry Taffy
Smoozie Maui Waui
NEW - FAQ Guava Blast
DSRT Cinnamon Roll
Firefly Orchard Electric Lemonade Mango Shocked
Zour Strawberry Kiwi
Zour Frozen Strawberry Kiwi
Game On Red Rope Redemption
NEW - Lindbergh New York to Paris
NEW - FAQ Funky Monkey
NEW - FAQ Miss Samoa
As low as $5.95 Regular Price $5.95

How bulk packs of e-liquid work:

Add as many bottles as you wish of a nicotine / flavor combination by writing the number in the corresponding box. The system will compute automatically a discount in the following ranges:

  • 2-5 bottles - 5% discount applied
  • 6-10 bottles - 10% discount applied
  • 11-15 bottles - 15% discount applied
  • >16 bottles - 20% discount applied
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