WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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  • Apollo Electronic Cigar (E-Cigar) Apollo Electronic Cigar (E-Cigar)

Apollo Electronic Cigar (ecigar, E-Cigar)

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Quick Overview

Our E-Cigar is perfect for cigar enthusiasts, occasional cigar smokers, or anyone who is looking to try a new type of e-smoking device. Apollo electronic cigars look like they were rolled in the finest Maduro wrapper by skilled artisans. The full-bodied flavor of the finest cigar tobacco. Celebrate without the smoke!

Enjoy the best e-cigars in the business. 

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Apollo electronic cigars are the size of a classic Toro size cigar. Just a tad over 6” long and 0.75 inches in diameter. It is a larger unit to accommodate a larger battery than most e-cigarettes and to give it that cigar-like feel when using it. Incredibly long-lasting. It's a great choice for anyone looking to branch out! Especially for cigar lovers!

Made by our own R&D department, we promise quality that no other company in the market can dream of.

The Apollo Disposable E-Cigar features:

1. 1300mah battery

2. Up to 1500 puffs

3. Cuban cigar flavor

4. 18mg strength

The Best E-Cigars

Apollo makes the best e-cigars with the look and feel of the real thing. From the realistic Maduro wrapper to the soft tip. Apollo electronic cigars are disposable. You do not have to worry about recharging or refilling. All you have to do is kick back and enjoy the vapor! Yes, this cigar vape is made for flavor and vapor. The genuine Cuban style cigar flavor is both bold and smooth.

What goes into making the best e-cigars? Much like the Central American artisans patiently age and mull the tobacco before carefully and meticulously binding then wrapping a cigar, our R&D team took their time and got this just right. We developed our e-cigar in house at our California base. Our on-site e-liquid lab worked overtime crafting the perfect, authentic, and rich Cuban cigar flavor. Because our lab is on-site, we were able to test and perfect the flavor.

Just like a good cigar is crafted from filler, binder, and wrapper, an e-cigar needs only the best components to deliver a pitch-perfect cigar vape. The internal 1,300-mAh battery and large capacity of Cuban tobacco flavored e-juice is designed to last. You can get up to 800 puffs from one single Apollo disposable e-cigar. The quality of the battery, atomizer, and e-liquid follows in the traditions of excellence set by the master cigar makers.


An e-cigar is a great way to indulge in the style and tradition of enjoying a fine cigar without the fuss and smoke. You don’t need a cutter, ashtray, or a lighter! Of course the downside is the smoke, mess, and smell. With an e-cigar, there are no ashes or lingering odors.

Cigars have long symbolized power and prestige. With cigars we often think of political leaders like Churchill and JFK or perhaps celebrities like Demi Moore and Arnold Schwarzenegger. But cigars are not just for the powerful and famous. An e-cigar is for any adult who enjoys the experience of indulgence but wants to avoid the smoke. The Apollo e-cigar sets the standard for the vapor cigar experience.

Celebrate With An Electronic Cigar 

Cigars are enjoyed by aficionados as well as people celebrating a special event. The closing of a big deal. A big win by your favorite team. Now you can celebrate those events with all of the high-roller style but without the smoke. Celebrate with an electronic cigar! Enjoy our e-cigars on your next poker night or day on the links.

With Apollo’s bulk deal, you can share moments of celebration with your friends. Enjoy those special occasions with the best cigar vape on the market. Don’t overpay for an e-cigar that cannot match our quality and performance. Other companies sell their disposable e-cigars for $30 each. And they don’t even make their own e-liquid! Who knows where they get it.

Apollo e-cigars are only $14.95 each and you get more puffs. Not to mention our sweet bulk deals. With Apollo e-cigars, you get it the best products at the best price. 

  1. Delightful review by Ed's e-mail on 12/28/2019
    Overall rating

    After I gave up smoking the Pipe, I still had that little craving for an enjoyable smoke after an excellent evening repast While these are not a perfect substitute for my evening bowl, They are actually quite enjoyable. The slight odor allows me to avoid the stink-eye perpetuated my lovely bride of 44 years, so we're both quite satisfied with the Apollo E-Cigar.


  2. Good stuff review by chuck on 12/17/2019
    Overall rating

    please sell this flavor in e-liquid!

  3. Great product review by Rick on 12/4/2019
    Overall rating

    I Really like Apollo’s e-cigar, This is a great smoke at a good price.

  4. Great product review by Rick on 12/4/2019
    Overall rating

    I Really like Apollo’s e-cigar, This is a great smoke at a good price.

  5. Great product review by Rick on 12/4/2019
    Overall rating

    I Really like Apollo’s e-cigar, This is a great smoke at a good price.

  6. Excellent product in every way. review by Rudymac on 12/3/2019
    Overall rating

    Apollo e- cigars are an excellent alternative choice to a "real" cigar. It is not the flavor of a Punch Robusto, the flavor is mild, easy pull and lots of billowy smoke. Very nice hit of nicotine, and i can smoke them almost anywhere without offending non-smokers. I do wish Apollo would offer a stronger flavor option, in a nice dark wrapper. Overall very pleasurable.

  7. Smoke it anywhere review by Regaso on 10/18/2019
    Overall rating

    I enjoy smoking cigars, this product lets me enjoy a smoke when I can't light up a real one. Overall good flavor and the price is awesome.

  8. Great customer service, decent taste. review by Seth on 10/14/2019
    Overall rating

    My cigar was leaking so customer service sent me a new one within 2 days! I’ll try and flavored cigar next time because the Cuban wasn’t great.

  9. Good stuff review by chuck on 10/12/2019
    Overall rating

    I really like these, I have a vape pen but I prefer these, smooth, good taste, pleasant aroma that doesn't stink up the place. I will continue to buy and recommend these.

  10. Outstanding review by Bill on 9/24/2019
    Overall rating

    These cigars last a long time and are very smooth to smoke.

  11. best customer service in the industry review by mytquin on 9/7/2019
    Overall rating

    love the flavor and they usually outlast the rest by far. i have been in touch with their customer service in the past and must say they are amazing and really respect their customers !!!!

  12. Pretty good review by chuck on 9/1/2019
    Overall rating

    My first e-anything, not bad, would like to see other flavor options. I let a friend try it, she liked it much better than her e-cigarette, so that should say something. I will buy again.

  13. Great product review by Dpeter on 7/6/2019
    Overall rating

    Better than a real cigar for so many reasons especially while golfing around or being outdoorsy

  14. Great product but getting expensive review by Dapeter on 5/19/2019
    Overall rating

    Love this product. Great feel and smooth taste. People always think it’s a real cigar and freak out when I put it in my pocket to putt. Been big customer for years. Tried other product but they don’t match up. Unfortunately, bulk price has had increased or the discounts have decreased making them much more expensive.

  15. Smooth experience review by theadirondackqueen on 2/16/2019
    Overall rating

    Smooth taste, excellent experience

  16. my favorite review by mytquin on 2/12/2019
    Overall rating

    i have tried most of the other brand ecigars and this is by far my favorite. enjoyable flavor, longest lasting, and so far i haven't received one faulty cigar !!! adding the discounts and earned credits , you can't find a better buy. thanks apollo !!!

  17. Very good just need more flavors review by Mark on 2/7/2019
    Overall rating

    Very good for the price. Lightweight. Good battery life. Easy draw. Good smoke production. The flavor is the only thing I’m not crazy about. It reminds me of apple flavored long leaf chewing tobacco, not cigars. Others may like this flavor though so I’m not really knocking it. I just don’t personally care for it. I wish they offered different flavor choices because I’d buy it again and try a different flavor.

  18. Interesting alternative review by greekcigarlover on 2/3/2019
    Overall rating

    First time ever an e-cigar. Good taste and good amount of vape. It looks so real, my buddies at work thought I do really puff a real cigar! Taste therefore not really a cigar, but it is all in all an intersting alternative.

  19. Cigar for all Occassions review by JB Afficianado on 2/1/2019
    Overall rating

    Whether your indoors, in your vehicle, on a patio or outdoor anywhere, the Apollo Cigar is the perfect companion. The look and feel is that of a real cigar, including the chewable texture of the cigar in your mouth and the draw is instantaneous with a perfect balance of smoke and flavor. Best of all, it bothers know one as it is only a vapor and you just place it back in your pocket until the next time. Perfect convenience, perfect balance, great cigar taste, and reliable performance!

  20. VERY GOOD review by BOGEY on 1/3/2019
    Overall rating


  21. Great alternative to a real cigar review by Rick D on 11/23/2018
    Overall rating

    Love this product and healthier than a real cigar.

  22. Pretty Good review by X on 11/7/2018
    Overall rating

    I’ve tried many other e cigars and this brand is pretty good. The smoke is better than the others and the taste is great. Good product and I would recommend to my friends and repurchase them myself.

  23. Beats Cuvana review by Wildvet on 11/3/2018
    Overall rating

    Taste is twice as good as Cuvana ecigars at half the price!

  24. Kinda disappointed review by Drew on 10/25/2018
    Overall rating

    Well made and looks like a real cigar. The soft tip makes it comfortable and realistic to vape. As a regular cigar smoker however, these do not taste anything like an actual cigar. The taste isn't bad but I was looking for an actual tobacco flavor and this wasn't even close.

  25. Good product review by Wayno on 10/22/2018
    Overall rating

    I've been smoking real cigars for quite a few years and have finally developed the ability to recognize a good cigar versus a bad one. But I now would like to limit using real cigars because of the affect they have on my health. I know people that use e cigarettes & they had good things to say, so I started looking for a disposable e cigar to try before I invested in a rechargeable/refillable one. The Apollo proved to be a good choice. Although the flavor is not what I was hoping for, the overall experience has been satisfying enough to convince me to continue with e cigars. This product is good quality & really provides a realistic smoking experience.

  26. Weak flavor and vapor. Disappointing product. review by Trusted Customer on 10/14/2018
    Overall rating

    Weak flavor and vapor. Disappointing product.

  27. No other e-cigar is as good as this. Tastes great and lasts as long as they say it does. review by Trusted Customer on 10/13/2018
    Overall rating

    No other e-cigar is as good as this. Tastes great and lasts as long as they say it does.

  28. A good quality product. A+. review by Trusted Customer on 10/12/2018
    Overall rating

    A good quality product. A+.

  29. E cigar review by C michael on 10/8/2018
    Overall rating

    Good cigar. Well balanced. Would order more if offered additional flavors. Would like to hear other
    “Cigar afficianodos” thoughts on this.

  30. been ordering for a while review by Clint on 9/27/2018
    Overall rating

    Been ordering these for a while now. The throat hit and taste are great on these. They always seem to last when they work. However sometimes they are dead on arrival and I ask for replacements. Customer service always helps me so its okay but wish that was something that could be fixed.

  31. love them review by quin on 9/19/2018
    Overall rating

    decent price, long lasting tip. good flavor. seem to last long. so far i am sure i finally found a good ecigar . after trying many brands these are the best.

  32. dad loves them review by Lara on 9/14/2018
    Overall rating

    I get these for my Dad and he likes them a lot. They are bit pricey but that’s usually why I buy in bulk and always make sure to use a discount code. It makes him happy and that’s all that really matters to me.

  33. apollo blastoff !!! review by quin on 9/5/2018
    Overall rating

    after buying numerous e cigars online i finally came across apollos !!!! so far it has the best sweetest taste and great vapor. im thinking these will now be my only brand. especially if they keep them priced as they are at this time !!!! much more bang for the buck compared to all the others.

  34. Ecigars are the best! review by Shayla on 9/3/2018
    Overall rating

    I have been getting these for my husband for a very long time now. These helped him quit smoking and they are very popular. They are very simple to use so these are the only ones he has used. If there are ever any issues I contact support and they always help us out.

  35. Helped me quit! review by Austin on 8/31/2018
    Overall rating

    The only thing I have been purchasing from this company. I like that they last me a few days and tast like a real good cigar. These have helped me quit smoking and I hope they help others as well.

  36. Great feel and taste review by Roland on 8/20/2018
    Overall rating

    I was impressed when i opened the package. More impressed when I took my first drag. Also, my wife is ecstatic.

  37. Super Long Lasting review by Walter on 8/17/2018
    Overall rating

    A regular cigar can last a full hour if you nurse it a good amount but this e-cigar goes so much further. I've switched to these since my wife insisted and I've used this cigar quite often for 4 full days. It tastes great and really does the trick.

  38. Great smoke ...almost like the real thing. review by Slim on 8/15/2018
    Overall rating

    The cigar feels right in the mouth because of the soft tip. The smoke comes out naturally and the draw is even. Worth the price. I bought three to get a better discount.

  39. Back in Stock! review by Manny on 8/14/2018
    Overall rating

    Finally! These are back in stock. When I saw these were back I just had to say something about them. These are so authentic and nice told hold in your hand as if you are holding a real one. It's got excellent flavor and people are always so intrigued when I pull it out and don't light it first. These are so cool and I recommend them to any cigar lover even if you don't want to quit smoking the real stuff.

  40. my favorite device review by Smith on 8/14/2018
    Overall rating

    These can get a little pricey when they are the only thing that you use but they work very well and have helped me quit smoking. People always get a kick out of them because they honestly kind of look real. They really make you do a double take to see what is going on! I like these a lot and hope Apollo always continues to carry them.

  41. all i buy review by Lester on 6/27/2018
    Overall rating

    Been a little bit hit or miss lately but the customer service team will always help if anything is wrong. Cigars produce a good amount of smoke, last a long time and taste good.

  42. Great ecigar review by Sammy on 6/23/2018
    Overall rating

    I’ve tried several of these is your garbage such as the epuffer, Cuvana etc. I find Apollo to be the best that I’ve tried. The soft tip gives it a real cigar smoking feel.

  43. Not the real thing but better for you! review by Wes on 6/18/2018
    Overall rating

    Has a butterscotch taste but pretty cool alternative to the real thing, just not the same taste. Wish there were more flavors. Like acid flavor cigars.

  44. Wish I could reuse review by Emile on 6/4/2018
    Overall rating

    The only down side to this thing is that I have to throw it away when it's out. Rather than buy a new one I wish I could fill it up with some other fun flavor or even recharge this. What I'm really just describing is a cigar shaped vape thing. I just love the way this looks and feels and it seems like a waste to throw it away. But I'm totally happy with the flavor and finished product and will be buying more of them for sure.

  45. Coolest Vape product review by Carl on 6/4/2018
    Overall rating

    I feel like vape pens and whatnot is a young man's game. I'm an older guy and I don't know if I could pull off a pen so when I found about this I thought it looked too cool. It feels so casual to hold it and smoke it because it looks so real. Very happy with the taste too. Obviously it's a little different than smoking the real thing but I almost prefer this. I'll have to show it to the other guys in my smoke circle of friends.

  46. Awesome everything review by Jared on 5/26/2018
    Overall rating

    This thing looks and tastes just like a real cigar. Unlike a real one, I don't have to smoke it all at once. There's enough puffs to last me quite a while. It's pretty harsh if you inhale it and aren't used to it but it gives you a good rush if you do. Definitely not my last purchase of these

  47. It's Fantastic review by Tony on 5/17/2018
    Overall rating

    This thing looks good, feels good in my hands, and it's so authentic. Taste is great and it lasts longer than expected. I love it. many thanks.

  48. Upsides to the real thing review by Joey on 5/16/2018
    Overall rating

    Obviously this isn't exactly like a real cigar. Real ones have different flavors of the leaf wrapping but that's not a bad thing too. When I get to the end of smoking one the wrapper often comes unwrapped and wet and gets really gross. This e-cigar doesn't do that because, well, it's not real. It lasts longer than a real cigar and it's surprising sturdy. Real ones are easy to squish or break if you're not careful. Not being real has it's upsides.

  49. surprisingly fun gift review by Eric on 5/16/2018
    Overall rating

    I got this for a birthday gift and I didn't know if I'd like it because it's not real "smoke." I've always smoked cigars on fun occasions so when I got this I didn't expect much but let me say this was pretty neat. It felt like the real thing in my hand. I loved the led light at the tip. Gives it a real authentic look. I bought some more after the first gift and might give one some other smoking buddies.

  50. Could use more varieties review by Emmanuel on 5/15/2018
    Overall rating

    My only reason for a 4 star review is because I wish this had more of a variety of cigar types. There's multiple different types of tobacco flavors in cigars mainly because of the flavor of the leaves it's wrapped in. But the flavor they do have is great and it's fun to use because you don't have to worry about smoke or the smell wherever you are.

  51. Fun alternative review by Greg on 5/15/2018
    Overall rating

    This cigar is awesome. It's so visually authentic. The light at the end is pretty neat and you don't have worry about it making any ash. The Apollo label ring near the mouth piece gives it a super real look too. Tastes like the real stuff too.

  52. Birthday gift to habit review by Jen on 5/14/2018
    Overall rating

    My wife got me one of these to see how I liked it vs smoking regular cigars. After the first one I went back to the site and bought the 5 pack with the discount. It definitely is different than the real thing but it has it's perks that my wife likes. I don't smell as much and don't have to brush my teeth all the time.

  53. no cigar stank or smoke review by Pat on 5/14/2018
    Overall rating

    I got this for my father in law because he smokes his cigars in the car. People can't stand driving with him because the car smells of leftover smoke. Hopefully in the time it takes him to smoke this vape cigar, the car smells can air out more. Even if it doesn't, he said he loved the cigar because he could smoke inside and it really is the next best thing.

  54. Bachelor party cigars review by Jackson on 5/14/2018
    Overall rating

    I got these cigars for my friend's bachelor party and they were a hit! We "smoked" them indoors and they had the same great tobacco taste and they lasted longer than the night. We were all able to take them home and use them later too which was a plus. Perfect bach party gifts.

  55. Look, feel and taste awesome. review by Jeff on 5/11/2018
    Overall rating

    The apollo e-cigars look incredible. People sometimes think they are the real thing. They feel awesome. I love the feel of it in my hand. It's not too heavy but not too light. And the taste is awesome. Really good strong cigar taste. I always stock up so I can save some money on these in the long run.

  56. Awesome e cigar review by Brian on 4/3/2018
    Overall rating

    This is the best tasting electronic cigar I have ever had, and I've tried a bunch. I was an occasional cigar smoker and these things are even better than the real thing. Plus, I can puff on one for about 8 days until it quits. Try puffing on a real cigar for that long. I will definitely be buying more of these cigars. Bravo Apollo eCigs for a great cigar.

  57. I love this product, one of the things I hated about giving up smoking was giving up cigars. These do review by Trusted Customer on 1/10/2018
    Overall rating

    I love this product, one of the things I hated about giving up smoking was giving up cigars. These do the trick for me.

    Other products (ego batteries) used to be really good, but the last couple of orders of them shows me quality on that product has really gone down

  58. Excellent service, great product, highly satisfied review by Trusted Customer on 1/10/2018
    Overall rating

    Excellent service, great product, highly satisfied

  59. Excellent taste, great quality for the price review by Trusted Customer on 1/1/2018
    Overall rating

    Excellent taste, great quality for the price

  60. Excellent product for the price review by Trusted Customer on 11/28/2017
    Overall rating

    Excellent product for the price

  61. Great e cigar review by Trusted Customer on 11/13/2017
    Overall rating

    Great e cigar. I've tried quite a few types and this is one of the best. Postage to Oz is **** though.

  62. Good product. Will order again. review by Trusted Customer on 11/2/2017
    Overall rating

    Good product. Will order again.

  63. Fast courteous service and able to connect online for any issues! review by Trusted Customer on 10/10/2017
    Overall rating

    Fast courteous service and able to connect online for any issues!

  64. Smooth transaction no problems review by Trusted Customer on 10/10/2017
    Overall rating

    Smooth transaction no problems

  65. Loved the cigar. Very tasty. Very satisfying. review by Trusted Customer on 10/10/2017
    Overall rating

    Loved the cigar. Very tasty. Very satisfying.

  66. Reasonable price for the 6 4 5 deal review by Trusted Customer on 10/10/2017
    Overall rating

    Reasonable price for the 6 4 5 deal

  67. Good deal on a nice alternative to the real thing review by Trusted Customer on 10/10/2017
    Overall rating

    Good deal on a nice alternative to the real thing

  68. see previous review stated. review by Trusted Customer on 10/10/2017
    Overall rating

    see previous review stated.

  69. Good value, but smoke a bit harsh. review by Trusted Customer on 10/10/2017
    Overall rating

    Good value, but smoke a bit harsh.

  70. Great flavor, no after burn review by John on 7/5/2017
    Overall rating

    Been a pipe & cigar smoker since my Navy days. This has a good flavor and no burn. Well done.

  71. Great puffs! review by deb on 4/21/2017
    Overall rating

    I gave up cigarettes and found these great cigars which last and have a full, smooth, flavor!
    I order them by the 12pack every 2-3 weeks and am never without them now.

  72. Best Flavor Ever! review by Chris K. on 11/1/2013
    Overall rating

    I've been using Apollo e-liquid for a while now and thought I'd give your e-cigar a try. The smoke is smooth, and the flavor is outstanding. If you bottled and offered this flavor of e-liquid, there's nothing else I'd use!

  73. Please?!?!? review by Jake Jacobs on 6/17/2013
    Overall rating

    PUH-LEEEAZE offer this in 30ml bottles!!!!
    It's the BEST flavor of any I've tasted so far!

  74. Great taste! review by Haynguy on 6/17/2013
    Overall rating

    Hey Apollo you guys should start selling the ejuice from this cigar. This is by far the best tasting product that Have tired. I have tried all the different juices from JC, V2, and your own product line. This cigar has the most authentic flavor out of any I've tasted. This cigar is a quality product, for the price it cant be beat!

  75. Occasional cigar smoker review by Loren Quon on 5/20/2013
    Overall rating

    I've been an occasional cigar smoker for about 5 years. When I decided to quit smoking I was pretty bummed because I really enjoyed hanging out with folks in the cigar lounge (or outside area).

    Having great experience with Apollo (Extreme pen style and eGo VV) I got one of these. And man, it's great.

    Just this last weekend, I was with a group of cigar folks and was happily puffing along with them. I let a few people take hits off mine and I think Apollo's going to get a bit more business from that.

    The flavor is deep and round, a bit sweet but really lovely. Best of all was no smell in my hair, clothes, etc. All the good without my sweetie saying "go shower before you go to bed."

    Great job (again) Apollo.

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  • Size: 18.5x153 mm (0.75x6'')
  • Weight for single cigarette : 9g
  • Puffs: up to 1500 puffs
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh
  • Normal working voltage: 3.3-4.2V.

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All the Apollo e-liquids are made in our state-of-the-art ISO 8 Certified cleanroom facility in Livermore, California.

Apollo’s e-liquid mixologists are not just avid vapers and flavour gurus, they are also experienced chemists with BSc or PhD degrees. Unlike other e-liquid producers, our facility adheres to good manufacturing practices commonly found in the food manufacturing industry. This means a strict protocol and procedure is practised throughout the entire manufacturing process, from recipe development to bottling, to ensure a consistent quality. Apollo e-liquids are guaranteed contaminate free.

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USP Grade PG and VG
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Coil heads need to be replaced when you start to get a burnt taste and your tank produces less vapor. 

What can I do if my tank is not working?

This usually happens right after you have changed the coil or refilled your clearomiser/tank. You have to check that your coil is in a good working condition (if not, replace it with a new one), that the coil head is tightly screwed in (finger tight is enough), and that your tank is correctly reassembled. If you are still having trouble, please contact our Customer Service Team.

What can I do when my tank leaks?

Leaking can be caused by many factors and can typically be resolved quickly. Please contact our Customer Support Team for assistance.


How long will a battery last between charges?

It is important to know how long your batterywill  last between charges. You should pay attention to the battery capacity which is listed in mAh (milliampere-hour). The higher the mAh rating is, the longer the battery will last. Roughly, we can say that 100 mAh equals 1 hour of usage.

The mAh is a good guideline to follow in regards to battery life, but it is hard to say exactly for how long a single charge can last (as it is greatly influenced by your style of inhaling, the surrounding temperature, the resistance you are using it with, etc.).

What does pass-through mean?

The pass-through feature means you can use your battery even while it’s charging.

What are the variable voltage (VV) and variable wattage (VW) setting about?

Basically, voltage is the amount of energy in a device and wattage is the amount of work that is done in a unit of time. When you are using a device with VV settings, you are telling it to send a certain amount of energy through the circuit. When it comes to VW settings, you are telling your device how much work to do, and the vaping device figures out the voltage needed to overcome the resistance (based on coil head).

Why should I choose an advanced battery/mod?

The most advanced batteries (usually known as mods) are more powerful and feature wattage and/or temperature control for an enhanced, fulfilling, and customizable vaping experience. There are a wide variety of coils tand tanks they are compatible with, and you can adjust their settings until your reach the kind of flavor, throat hit and the vapor production you are aiming for.

What are 18650 batteries?

The 18650 battery is a versatile rechargeable accumulator meant for internal use, being the vape industry's battery of choice for most of the box mods on the market. 18650 batteries have a great lifespan and a wide power output. Apollo sells only the best authentic brands available. Please note: 18650 batteries require an external charging unit.


PLEASE NOTE: As of November 22, 2015 our Warranty Policy has changed. All purchases made on or after this date are subject to the revised Warranty Policy outlined below. If you have any questions please contact our Support Team at [email protected]. Warranty Replacements can only be honored by our Support Team if the product was purchased from us via this website, and you can supply your order information. If you purchased your Apollo product from one of our authorized retailers you must redeem your Warranty through that retailer.

Apollo offers a Six (6) Month Limited Warranty on all Apollo branded electronic components (including batteries, chargers, and mods). This warranty does not apply to 3rd party products not made by or branded with the Apollo logo. For a period of Six (6) Months we guarantee that your Apollo product will be free from defects in material workmanship under normal use and service for the product’s lifecycle, according to product usage documentation. This warranty does not cover any defects or damages on products that have been lost, misused, improperly or inadequately maintained, or modified. The warranty lasts for a period of Six (6) Months from the date of purchase, however products are limited to a maximum of five (5) replacements on any given item. The item must be ruled defective by our Support Team and will be replaced with an equal item from current inventory. Replacement or upgrade of product is your exclusive remedy under this warranty.

Apollo offers a Thirty (30) Day Limited Warranty on all 3rd party electronic components (including batteries, chargers, and mods). This Warranty applies to products not manufactured or branded by Apollo. For a period of thirty (30) days we guarantee that 3rd party products purchased from Apollo will be free from defects in material workmanship under normal use and service for the product’s lifecycle, according to product usage documentation. This warranty does not cover any defects or damages on products that have been lost, misused, improperly or inadequately maintained, or modified. The warranty lasts for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of purchase, however products are limited to a maximum of two (2) replacements on any given item. The item must be ruled defective by our Support Team and will be replaced with an equal item from current inventory. Replacement or upgrade of product is your exclusive remedy under this warranty. 3rd party products typically include a manufacturer’s warranty, in which case you must directly contact the manufacturer of the product for warranty replacements.

Apollo offers a Fourteen (14) Day Limited Warranty on all clearomizers, tanks, cartridges, replacement coils and cartomizers. This warranty does not cover any defects or damages on products that have been lost, misused, improperly or inadequately maintained, or modified. Using e-liquid that is highly acidic or contains cinnamon will void this warranty. Clearomizers, coils, cartridges and cartomizers are intended to eventually burn out and be replaced, and there is no perfect measurement scale for how long they will last due to a variety of factors. Everyone uses these products differently, and we cannot control for all variables. Recent industry quality studies have shown that if an atomizer works properly the first time it’s used, there is little reason other than improper use for it to stop working properly. We cannot warranty these products for a period of more than fourteen (14) days, because many of them only have a lifespan of fourteen (14) days.

All sales of e-liquids, disposables, and Rebuildable Drip Atomizers (RDAs) are final. Apollo does not accept returns or exchanges of these products and does not offer a warranty for them.

All warranty exchanges require preauthorization and must be accompanied by a completed Return Merchandise Authorization Form (RMA). To obtain authorization and an RMA Form, please contact customer service via online chat, or email support ( [email protected]), or call customer service at 855-2-APOLLO (855-227-6556).

Apollo reserves the right to revise or modify the terms of this warranty agreement at any time for any reason without prior notification.

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