WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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  1. BREZ Deluxe Pod Kit (320mAh battery + 5 salt nic 50mg pods)

    With Brez, you are not getting your average e-cigarette. Featuring a sleek elegant design, the BREZ Kit delivers a smooth vaping experience through the consistent dosage system and the TruCeramic coils of the pods. At 320 mAh the battery is one of the longer lasting for devices of its class.

    The Deluxe Kit includes 5 Salt Nic prefilled pods at 50mg nicotine concentration with different flavors for you to enjoy.

    Use code  BREZ50  to get 50% off on this product at checkout.

    As low as: $39.95

  2. Battery for Extreme Kit (battery for V2 kit) Battery for Extreme Kit (battery for V2 kit)

    Battery for Extreme Kit (compatible with V2 cartridges)

    Apollo batteries are state-of-the-art in Lithium Ion technology. Designed for long-lasting life and easy to use. These are the same batteries used in the Challenger kit.

    These batteries are compatible with VMR's V2 cartridges.

    Regular Price: $12.95

    Special Price $9.99

    As low as: $3.99
  3. Blank Cartomizer for Apollo Extreme Kit Blank Cartomizer for Apollo Extreme Kit

    Blank Cartomizers for Apollo Extreme Kit (Challenger kit | compatible with V2 batteries)

    Pack of 5 refillable cartomizers for the Extreme Battery and the Challenger kit. 

    These cartridges are also compatible with VMR's V2 batteries.

    Apollo e-cigs and V2 cigs are identical and interchangeable.

    Regular Price: $10.95

    Special Price $4.38

  4. Apollo Challenger Kit (compatible with V2Cigs)

    Orginally called the Extreme Kit, the Challenger starter kit is a powerful and affordable option, and a great way to transition to vaping.

    This is incredibly easy to use and a well-performing electronic cigarette that produces a pure flavor and an impressive amount of throat hit. It has a more powerful battery and uses larger cartomizers to provide vapors all day long for an average to heavy smoker.

    Please Note: Cartomizers are sold separately. This kit is compatible with all "Extreme Kit" parts and accessories.

    Apollo Extreme E-cig Kits are identical to V2 Standard E-cig Kits.

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4 Item(s)