WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Sub-Ohm E-liquid Tanks

Sub-Ohm tanks are considered to be the pinnacle of vaping technology, and the most advanced tanks on the market! So expect nothing less than a fine-tuned vaping experience and performance similar to that of a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA)! The best part is, most sub-ohm tanks come with pre-built coils, so there is no need to learn how to build! From Kanthal, Clapton or Nickel, the replacement coils comes in various materials and resistances. As always, it's up to you and your personal preferences to pick the option that best suits your needs. Most sub-ohm tanks come with additional features that allow you to further customize your experience like adjustable airflow, top filling capabilities, and e-liquid capacities generous enough to last for hours.

A few things to consider when switching from a traditional clearomizer to a sub-ohm tank...

  • Sub-Ohm tanks are called "sub-ohm" for a reason: they typically use coil heads with a resistance below 1.0ohms. Always ensure the device/battery you are using can handle these low resistances.
  • Sub-Ohm tanks are best suited for higher VG e-liquids and lower nicotine strengths than traditional clearomizers. Because sub-ohm tanks use sub-ohm coils, and usually require higher wattages, they produce a lot more vapor than a traditional clearomizer. More vapor per inhale = more nicotine, so most users find lower nicotine strengths will satisfy them. If you do choose to continue using a higher strength, you may also notice an increase in the throat hit when using a sub-ohm tank.