WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Kanger Bottom Coil T3S Clearomizer

The Bottom Coil T3S is an upgrade from the popular T3 model
As low as $4.95
As low as $4.95

The Bottom Coil T3S is an upgrade from the popular T3 model as it features:

  • Larger 3.0ml tank
  • Two piece base design (like the Evod Clearomizer) which consists of the base piece and the replaceable atomizer head (2.5 ohm)
  • Non-removable mouthpiece which prevents leaking when the clearomizer is inverted for filling

Like the T3, the T3S is a bottom coil design, has replaceable coil heads, and fills from the bottom. It features eGo threading making it compatible with Apollo's eGo, eGo-VV, VTube v2.0, and TGo batteries.

To fill the T3S unscrew the bottom coil. Hold the tank upside down and fill with e-liquid. While it is still upside down screw the bottom back on the clearomizer. The T3S is now ready for use. We recommend you hold the ecig upside down when you unscrew T3S from the battery, to avoid leakage.

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WARNING: The clearomizers included in this listing are not compatible with our Cinnamon e-liquid.

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