WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Apollo Cappuccino E-Liquid


NEW O'So Good Glazed Donut Max VG E-Liquid

Apollo 30ml Bulk Discount E-Liquids - 5 Pack

Bottle size: Bulk pack
PG / VG structure: 50 / 50
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Apollo Bulk Discount cheaper e-liquids - 5 Pack of 30ml bottles.

Note: e-liquids in the picture are only for presentation. You may choose any flavor you wish.

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Price as configured: $49.95


Select five 30ml bottles of any Apollo e-liquid flavors you like (and single nicotine strength for all of them). It is a great deal when it comes to saving!

This selection allows you to order cheap eliquid in 5 bottles of 30ml each of the following flavors:

  •  NEW  Peanut butter: Creamy sweet, peanut butter with a hint of tobacco.
  •  NEW  Vanilla Tobbaco: The perfect blend of vanilla and caramel touched lightly with a rich tobacco
  • All Nighter: This e-liquid mimics the popular bull-themed energy drink and actually CONTAINS CAFFEINE!
  • American Cigar: A spicy, aromatic flavor, with subtle notes of caramel, bold finish and solid throat hit.
  • Baja Burst: Tropical fruits punch with citrusy notes.
  • Banana Cream: A yummy ambrosia of bananas and whipped cream.
  • Berry Blend: This e-liquid combines the mellow sweetness of blueberry with the tang of raspberry and the juiciness of blackberry.
  • Candy Cane: Traditional peppermint candy cane flavour.
  • Cherry Limeade: Cherry sweetness with the tangy bite of lime.
  • Cinnamon: Notes of sweetness underlying the cinnamon warmth, a solid throat hit, and a refreshing finish balance out the vape. DO NOT USE WITH PLASTIC CLEAROMIZERS DUE TO ACIDIC QUALITY.
  • Classic Tobacco: Classic American tobacco blends to closely mimic the bright flavor, medium throat hit, velvety consistency cigarette smokers are used to.
  • Classic Tobacco Menthol: The warmth of tobacco is perfectly balanced with the chill of menthol.
  • French Vanilla: Deliciously sweet vanilla cupcake flavor.
  • Grape: Sweet grape flavor with a luscious vapor and fruity aroma.
  • Green Apple: A juicy and crisp Green apple flavored e-liquid that is ripe with deliciousness.
  • Hemi Orange: Sweet and citrusy orange soda flavor.
  • Kiwi Watermelon: Juicy, sweet and sour blend of Kiwi and Strawberry - mild on the throat, but packs a flavorful punch.
  • Mango Peach: A fresh splash of juicy mango and peach slices.
  • Melon Cucumber Mint: The perfect blend of honeydew melon, cucumber and mint.
  • Menthol Breeze: Pure menthol that delivers an icy-fresh blast.
  • New Menthol: The flavor of an actual menthol cigarette.
  • Pina Colada: Creamy coconut, tart pineapple, and just the right touch of sugar-cane sweetness.
  • Pure Mist: Completely flavorless. Includes only PG, VG, and nicotine.
  • Razzle: A mouth-watering combination of raspberry and hints of blueberry, strawberry and blackberry.
  • RY4: American tobacco blend with rich caramel and hints of vanilla.
  • Sahara: Strong, rich Turkish tobacco blend that is both hearty and sweet.
  • Simply Tobacco: Simple, dry tobacco flavor to closely mimic an actual cigarette.
  • Strawberry: Truly tastes like fresh strawberries. Enjoy a refreshing flavor with just the right touch of sweetness.
  • Triple Nickel: Light-but-rich, complex take on the English cigarette brand “555”. It is bright, fresh, and grassy, with buttery hazelnut undertones and robust tobacco finish.
  • Turkish Blend: Aromatic Turkish blend with a medium throat hit and lightly grassy finish.
  • Watermelon: Watermelon at peak ripeness flavored e-liquid.
  1. Great service, great value, great product review by Loony Loo on 2/18/2019
    Overall rating

    This is great for buying from the UK. 30ml bottles - max allowed here is 10ml. I can also buy higher nicotine content than I can in the UK. It's a no brainer!

  2. Good News review by Uncle Bub on 2/10/2019
    Overall rating

    I love getting my liquids through Apollo the prices are great and the service. The selection is also unbeatable.

  3. Good News review by Uncle Bub on 2/10/2019
    Overall rating

    I love getting my liquids through Apollo the prices are great and the service. The selection is also unbeatable.

  4. Great value review by Duni on 12/4/2018
    Overall rating

    I’m using Apollo for about 7 yeas. Love the product and the New Menthol liquid is the best match for what I used to smoke before I quit cigarettes. Getting it in 5 pack of 30 ml makes it a great value. The customer service is wonderful and shipping is fast.

  5. Great liquid - bought for YEARS! review by B on 12/4/2018
    Overall rating

    For me, this is the best liquid. It is ALWAYS in stock!!

  6. Hubby's Favorite review by Wifey on 11/29/2018
    Overall rating

    I order e-liquids for my husband and he uses only the Classic Tobacco. But he has to mix 0mg and 6mg to get his desired 3mg. If Apollo would offer a 3mg in a 60 ml bottle, he would be ecstatic!

  7. Good juice review by Jeremy on 11/13/2018
    Overall rating

    Definitely would buy again only bad thing is 5 30 ml I would like to get more then 30 mls

  8. Great value on juice review by Keith on 11/12/2018
    Overall rating

    My wife finally kicked cigarettes thanks to getting these 5 packs in classic tobacco menthol. This is a great alternative to save and stay stocked up so she doesn’t have to go out and buy cigarette