WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Firefly Orchard

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  1. Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs Bubble Gum Brew Max VG E-Liquid

    Apples mixed with Watermelon Bubble Gum to make the perfect vaping brew
  2. Firefly Orchard Electric Lemonade Blueberry Wired Max VG E-Liquid

    Lemonade gets a new twist when Blueberries join the party
  3. Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs Kiwi Enchanted Max VG E-Liquid

    Red and green apples combined beautifully with kiwis for a summertime favorite
  4. Firefly Orchard Electric Lemonade Raspberry Fused Max VG E-Liquid

    Raspberries fused perfectly with lemonade for a sweet, tart all day vape
  5. Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs Caramel Concoction Max VG E-Liquid

    Caramel apples and sweet Asian pears come together for a treat that can’t be missed
  6. Firefly Orchard Electric Lemonade Mango Shocked Max VG E-Liquid

    A sweet and sour mango becomes smooth and refreshing in our lemonade
  7. Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs Pomegranate Potion Max VG E-Liquid

    Apples and Pomegranates blend together so well; you’ll wonder where this flavor has been your whole life
  8. Firefly Orchard Electric Lemonade Watermelon Charged Max VG E-Liquid

    Watermelons and lemons create a blend that captures summertime in a bottle
  9. Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs Keyberry Flux Max VG E-Liquid

    Green apples meet KeyBerries (Kiwi+Strawberries) in a sweet and tart all day vape
  10. Firefly Orchard Electric Lemonade Peach Sparked Max VG E-Liquid

    Sweet peaches and refreshing lemonade combine to quench a thirsty vaper
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Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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Firefly Orchard Max VG Eliquid

If you are looking for the most refreshing and full of flavor fruity vapes on the US vaping market, then you’re on the right page! Either you are going for the unexpected apple flavored vape blends in the Apple Elixirs ejuice collection or the most tangy fruits spicing up the already refreshing lemonade vape inside the Electric Lemonade eliquid line up, you will get nothing but a ‘fresh meets sweet meets tart’ all day vape.