WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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  1. SNCK Banana Strawberry Taffy Max VG E-Liquid

    A taffy lover’s dream! Creamy banana meets with tart and sweet strawberries to make a chewy delight
  2. SNCK Strawberry Rice Pudding & Graham Crackers Max VG E-Liquid

    Sweet strawberries in a creamy rice pudding with crumbles of graham crackers on top

  3. SNCK Snickerdoodle Cookie Max VG E-Liquid

    Just like mom use to make, fresh from the oven buttery sugar cookies covered in sugar and cinnamon
  4. SNCK Strawberry Papaya & Kiwi Max VG E-Liquid

    A perfect fruit mix of sweet papaya, smooth kiwi, and slightly tart strawberry
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4 Item(s)

SNCK Max VG E liquid

You’d better get yourself a large eliquid tank, as you’ll be vaping these SNCK high VG ejuices like crazy! You will find it hard the put the e-liquid bottle down once you get the taste of the vape ready snacks we were so busy making. You can have a lovely portion of fresh fruits, some creamy rice pudding or maybe a few sugary cookies as vaping treats you can share with your fellow vapers. Or you can keep this little e-liquid goody just for yourself…