WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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NEW - Nicotine Salts

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  1. Nic Salt E-liquids - 5 Pack 30ml + Free JUUL Kit (worth $34.99)

    Select 5 bottles of your choice from the amazing Salt Nicotine range. It is always a good deal to buy in bulk as you get to try more flavors for a lower price.  

    The Bulk Discount E-liquid Pack allows you to pick 5x30ml bottles. 

    Note: e-liquids in the picture are only for presentation. You may choose any flavor you wish.

    As low as: $69.95

  2. 3 Salt Nic E-Liquids + 1 FREE Smoant Pod System (Worth $19.95)

    Get any 3 Salt nic bottles and we offer you a FREE SMOANT S8 Pod system. Sleek, easy and stylish, it can be your next best companion for your daily vaping habits. 

    As low as: $49.95

  3. Smoozie Salt Maui Waui E-Liquid

    A pineapple and mango medley blended with sweet strawberries in a smoothie you can't put down.
  4. Apollo Tobacco Salt Nicotine Apollo Tobacco Salt Nicotine

    Apollo Tobacco Salt Nicotine E-Liquid

    Most requested in the tobacco genre is a simple, dry tobacco flavor to closely mimic an actual cigarette. Of course no e-liquid is going to taste just like a cigarette, but this flavor is the next best thing.
  5. Apollo Mango Salt Nicotine E-Liquid Apollo Mango Salt Nicotine E-Liquid

    Apollo Mango Salt Nicotine E-Liquid

    A fresh splash of citrus and sweetness makes this flavor a fan favorite! It's crisp, fruity flavor will remind you of warm summer days and juicy fruit slices. The smooth vapor quality makes Mango Peach the perfect fruity flavor.
  6. Smoozie ICE Salt Stawberries Gone Wild E-Liquid

    You can now GO WILD on the go in your favorite pod system with Strawberries Gone Wild On Ice with salt nic! Wonderful wild strawberries mixed to perfection with raspberries and apples and a bone chilling ice kick, your favorite strawberry smoothie will absolutely be your all day vape! Regular salt version available here!

  7. Apollo Vanilla Cream Salt Nicotine Apollo Vanilla Cream Salt Nicotine

    Apollo Vanilla Cream Salt Nicotine E-Liquid

    This flavor is like biting into a deliciously sweet vanilla cupcake! One of our top 5 customer favorites, French Vanilla is rich and bold, yet sweet and light at the same time, and customer's can't get enough of it! It pairs famously with a cup of coffee. 100% American-Made E-liquid.
  8. Apollo Melon Salt Nicotine Apollo Melon Salt Nicotine

    Apollo Melon Salt Nicotine E-Liquid

    This flavor is the perfect blend of honeydew melon, cucumber, and mint. The melon flavor is the most prominent, followed by the cucumber, and then a slight back note of mint. A wonderfully refreshing vape for summer!
  9. Apollo Havana Nights Salt Nicotine E-Liquid Apollo Havana Nights Salt Nicotine E-Liquid

    Apollo Havana Nights Salt Nicotine E-Liquid

    You've worked hard all year and are entitled to a little piece of paradise. Havana Nights gives that to you in a bottle. The perfect blend of vanilla and caramel touched lightly with a rich tobacco to give you the flavor and aroma and help you escape the troubles of ruling your own empire.
  10. Smoozie Salt Stawberries Gone Wild E-Liquid

    Strawberries mashed with raspberries and tart green apples with a fresh kick you won't be able to resist.
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NEW - Nicotine Salts

Nicotine Salt, otherwise called Nic Salt, is a processed kind of nicotine produced specially for vaping. Numerous vapers discover nicotine salts more fulfilling than general "freebase" nicotine.

Nicotine salt e-juice is significantly simpler to breathe in than regular eliquids because of it is less harsh on the throat and enables vapers to utilize stronger concentrations of up to 50mg nicotine (rooftop vaping). The key in experiencing Salts is the ability to inhale more nicotine with less harshness.

It's essential to be watchful with high nicotine salt juice, particularly in higher watt/power vape gadgets. It's anything but difficult to try too hard so relax when you begin and try a smaller concentration to start with.

Apollo Salts come in 3 concentrations: 20mg, 35mg and 50mg and ship in 30ml premium bottles.