WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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  1. Apollo American Cigar E-Liquid

    American Cigar has a full bodied tobacco flavor with a smoky, spicy flavor and aroma that screams luxury.
  2. Apollo Simply Tobacco E-Liquid

    Most requested in the tobacco genre is a simple, dry tobacco flavor to closely mimic an actual cigarette.
  3. Apollo RY4 E-Liquid

    This full-bodied tobacco flavor includes sweet hints of warm caramel and smooth vapor finish.
  4. Apollo Peanut Butter Tobacco

    Creamy sweet, peanut butter with a hint of tobacco.
  5. Apollo Classic Tobacco E-Liquid

    Full bodied and robust tobacco flavor with a slight hint of sweetness on the finish.
  6. Apollo Triple Nickel E-Liquid

    A full bodied tobacco without any floral or perfume notes, this E-Liquid is nutty and just sweet enough to take off the bitter edge.
  7. Apollo Sahara E-Liquid

    Sahara is a strong, rich tobacco blend that is both hearty and sweet.
  8. Apollo Classic Tobacco Menthol E-Liquid

    You won't be disappointed by this full-bodied flavor that perfectly balances the warmth of tobacco with the chill of menthol.
  9. Apollo Turkish Blend E-Liquid

    Turkish Blend is a dry mild tobacco.
  10. Apollo Vanilla Tobacco

    This e-liquid gives that to you in a bottle. The perfect blend of vanilla and caramel touched lightly with a rich tobacco to give you the flavor and aroma and help you escape the troubles of ruling your own empire.
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Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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Tobacco E-juice

Vaping is a great way to leave the nasty smoking habit behind. This doesn’t mean you have to give up to the rich and oh-so-comforting tobacco taste you’ve been so attached to. We have a wide variety of tobacco e-liquids available to simply satisfy any taste. Each of them have the classic tobacco feel, but in a very unique and distinctive way. Some are dry, some are more sweet, minty or aromatic - it’s only up to you and your taste buds to find the right tobacco eliquid!