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Turkish Blend is a dry mild tobacco.

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Turkish Blend:

Turkish Blend is a dry mild tobacco. It boasts a lightly spicy flavor with enough smokiness to mimic a tobacco cigarette, but not so much to take on the sweet floral commonly found in too many tobacco e-liquids. Perfect for those seeking a tobacco flavor that does not overwhelm and confuse your taste buds.

  1. Pretty good review by lizzy on 1/24/2019
    Overall rating

    The Turkish Blend is a pretty good taste. Not exactly what I was looking for to replace a juice that is no longer on the market, but pretty darn close!!! This just may be the one I stick with!

  2. Delicious review by Richard on 1/23/2019
    Overall rating

    Love this Tobacco flavor mixed with a small amount of Applos French Vanilla. For me it doesn't get any better.

  3. tobacco flavor review by Carl on 9/13/2018
    Overall rating

    I like this one a lot. I prefer it to other ones because it has a bit of spice to it and is just really different from other stuff ive tried. I don’t know if its for everyone but it is the one for me.

  4. only thing i smoke review by Vinny on 7/12/2018
    Overall rating

    Reminds me of the smokes I used to purchase which is why I started smoking this one exclusively. I do not use anything else and recommend this one to all my friends all of the time. I like the Simply Tobacco as well but Turkish just had a very different tobacco taste compared to it.

  5. Interesting review by Dawn on 6/28/2018
    Overall rating

    This flavor Turkish Blend is very interesting. It has bit of spicyness to it and has a good tobacco taste to it as well. I have not had an vapor like this one before. But I will continue to finish the bottle. No issues so far.

  6. I like this one a lot review by Austin on 5/22/2018
    Overall rating

    I like this flavor a lot. And have gotten a few different times now. Shipping has always been quick and customer service always answers any questions that I have. I can see why it is called a dry tobacco. It is different from other ones and reminds me of the ones I used to roll myself. I like the taste of this one a lot. I use the 18mg.

  7. Very good review by Smith on 5/3/2018
    Overall rating

    I have never had a tobacco flavor like Turkish before. I always get it in the 5 pack cause it's cheaper that way. I really appreciate them always having deals as well. This a great exotic tobacco flavor. I never get tired of it and have vaped it for a while now.

  8. I always get this one review by Saundra on 4/27/2018
    Overall rating

    i always pick this one because i like that it doesn't taste like a traditional tobacco. it is almost exotic and it never gets old to me. you can really taste the tobacco and it is almost spicy as well. i will always vape this one.

  9. Great flavor, great price. review by Trusted Customer on 3/14/2018
    Overall rating

    Great flavor, great price.

  10. Not bad, vapes well and has a decent flavor. review by Trusted Customer on 10/26/2017
    Overall rating

    Not bad, vapes well and has a decent flavor.

  11. nice basic tobacco flavour, on the stronger side review by Trusted Customer on 8/29/2017
    Overall rating

    nice basic tobacco flavour, on the stronger side

  12. Liquid ok but would not buy again. review by Trusted Customer on 4/26/2017
    Overall rating

    Liquid ok but would not buy again.

  13. Best tobacco - unsweetened review by Arda D on 3/19/2016
    Overall rating

    Probably one of the best tobacco liquids I have ever tasted. 100% not sweet, almost a Turkish tobacco. I am really impressed & liked it. Thank you Apollo

  14. Excellence! review by Nicholas Goulden on 9/28/2015
    Overall rating

    Wow! I'm glad I chanced a buy on this liquid! I've dabbled in flavors from a number of different vendors (albeit not nearly as many as some) but upon buying and trying this one, I believe I've found a new favorite. The flavor is amazing and perfectly nutty (hazlenutty). It pairs exceptionally well with some good hearty beers or even alone; an amazing vape. I never write reviews but upon the usage of this liquid, I feel compelled to leave a perfect review. Highly recommended from this user, for whatever that is worth, but I believe if you're the least bit curious in the description check this one out--I highly doubt you will regret it. Actually, what I find most astounding is that the flavor really quite relaxing. Bravo!

  15. Absolutely wonderful all day vape review by Teddy on 7/3/2015
    Overall rating

    Please note I am an ex smoker and therefore love throat hit so ordered the 24mg in this. Your experience may vary with lower levels of nicotine. Apollo have nailed the description of this better than I ever could. It's just a light, mild tobacco with a hint of spice, great throat hit and can be vaped all day. It doesn't interfere with your taste buds, leave any lingering flavour on your tongue, or smell in your tank, it's just a really clean delicious e juice for tobacco lovers. I have tried so many different exotic tobacco blends, and most other brands are overpowering, especially halo, which tastes exactly like perfume (i.e. horrible). This is in a different league and I feel it's a flavour anyone would like when they are in the mood for a smooth tobacco, without any of the awful burning taste of the real thing! I can not recommend this enough and will be buying it again.

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PG / VG content of your E-Liquid

50 / 50 For those who like an intense flavour as well as a throat hit.

20 / 80 Smoother inhale with bigger clouds and a mild flavor.

PG stands for Propylene Glycol, a thin, odourless and tasteless liquid used safely for more than 50 years in food.

VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin, a natural organic glycerol that is made out of vegetable oil. The VG is a thick, odourless, and sweet-tasting liquid.

Apollo e-liquids are guaranteed contaminate free. All flavors are made with: USP Grade PG and VG, Food Safe Ingredients, Laboratory Grade Nicotine.


Eliquid Nicotine content guidance for smokers

0mg (0%) Just for flavor. No nicotine content.

3mg (0.3%) For light smokers or those who are not craving for nicotine

6mg (0.6%) For light smokers who still want to feel a little nicotine.

Warning! do not use the following nicotine concentrations in Sub-Ohm Tanks

12mg (1.2%) Smoking on average 10 cigars a day? This is your nicotine concentration choice

18mg (1.8%) Heavy smoker? This nicotine concentration will keep up with your needs

24mg (2.4%) No comment.

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Where does Apollo deliver orders?

Apollo is well known for great product selection, and also for the quick dispatch of orders. Most orders are shipped the next business day, and we deliver to the USA, and Worldwide (Apollo will not be held responsible for any customs issues, if they occur). If you have any questions on shipping, please contact our Customer Service Team.

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What are the ingredients in Apollo’s e-liquids?

All the Apollo e-liquids are made in our state-of-the-art ISO 8 Certified cleanroom facility in Livermore, California.

Apollo’s e-liquid mixologists are not just avid vapers and flavour gurus, they are also experienced chemists with BSc or PhD degrees. Unlike other e-liquid producers, our facility adheres to good manufacturing practices commonly found in the food manufacturing industry. This means a strict protocol and procedure is practised throughout the entire manufacturing process, from recipe development to bottling, to ensure a consistent quality. Apollo e-liquids are guaranteed contaminate free.

We take great pride in the quality of our ingredients. All flavors are made with:
USP Grade PG and VG
Food Safe Ingredients
Laboratory Grade Nicotine

Why does my e-liquid change color over time?

E-liquid can change color, sometimes even before you open it, as a result of oxidation (common chemical reaction). E-liquids containing nicotine may change their color when they are exposed to air, light or heat, and sometimes even when they are kept in cool, dark places. 

If  your e-liquid turns darker inside a clearomiser/tank and you get a slightly burnt taste, it’s time to replace your coil with a new one, throw the burnt tasting e-liquid out, and wash your tank under warm water (let it dry completely before vaping again).

Clearomizers / Tanks / Coils

How do I know which tank is compatible with a certain battery?

The first thing you have to check on both desired vape components is the threading. Threading available on the market fits 2 main categories – 510 and eGo, but most of them come with adaptors so you can easily switch from one to another. Secondly you should always verify the resistance of your coils is compatible with the battery you are using, so that you don't overload your battery. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please speak with our Customer Service Team.

What coil should I choose?

Coil (atomizer head) resistance is measured in ohms and comes in over 1.0 ohm and under 1.0 ohm resistance for sub-ohm tanks. The lower the resistance of the coil, the bigger the generated wattage, meaning your coil will get hotter and generate considerably more vapor. If you are using a sub-ohm resistance coil, always make sure the battery you are using can handle the lower resistance.

What is a coil’s lifespan?

The lifespan of a coil head greatly depends on usage, the e-liquid, and the style of vaping. It can be anywhere from a couple days to a few weeks.

When should I replace my coil?

Coil heads need to be replaced when you start to get a burnt taste and your tank produces less vapor. 

What can I do if my tank is not working?

This usually happens right after you have changed the coil or refilled your clearomiser/tank. You have to check that your coil is in a good working condition (if not, replace it with a new one), that the coil head is tightly screwed in (finger tight is enough), and that your tank is correctly reassembled. If you are still having trouble, please contact our Customer Service Team.

What can I do when my tank leaks?

Leaking can be caused by many factors and can typically be resolved quickly. Please contact our Customer Support Team for assistance.


How long will a battery last between charges?

It is important to know how long your batterywill  last between charges. You should pay attention to the battery capacity which is listed in mAh (milliampere-hour). The higher the mAh rating is, the longer the battery will last. Roughly, we can say that 100 mAh equals 1 hour of usage.

The mAh is a good guideline to follow in regards to battery life, but it is hard to say exactly for how long a single charge can last (as it is greatly influenced by your style of inhaling, the surrounding temperature, the resistance you are using it with, etc.).

What does pass-through mean?

The pass-through feature means you can use your battery even while it’s charging.

What are the variable voltage (VV) and variable wattage (VW) setting about?

Basically, voltage is the amount of energy in a device and wattage is the amount of work that is done in a unit of time. When you are using a device with VV settings, you are telling it to send a certain amount of energy through the circuit. When it comes to VW settings, you are telling your device how much work to do, and the vaping device figures out the voltage needed to overcome the resistance (based on coil head).

Why should I choose an advanced battery/mod?

The most advanced batteries (usually known as mods) are more powerful and feature wattage and/or temperature control for an enhanced, fulfilling, and customizable vaping experience. There are a wide variety of coils tand tanks they are compatible with, and you can adjust their settings until your reach the kind of flavor, throat hit and the vapor production you are aiming for.

What are 18650 batteries?

The 18650 battery is a versatile rechargeable accumulator meant for internal use, being the vape industry's battery of choice for most of the box mods on the market. 18650 batteries have a great lifespan and a wide power output. Apollo sells only the best authentic brands available. Please note: 18650 batteries require an external charging unit.


PLEASE NOTE: As of November 22, 2015 our Warranty Policy has changed. All purchases made on or after this date are subject to the revised Warranty Policy outlined below. If you have any questions please contact our Support Team at [email protected]. Warranty Replacements can only be honored by our Support Team if the product was purchased from us via this website, and you can supply your order information. If you purchased your Apollo product from one of our authorized retailers you must redeem your Warranty through that retailer.

Apollo offers a Six (6) Month Limited Warranty on all Apollo branded electronic components (including batteries, chargers, and mods). This warranty does not apply to 3rd party products not made by or branded with the Apollo logo. For a period of Six (6) Months we guarantee that your Apollo product will be free from defects in material workmanship under normal use and service for the product’s lifecycle, according to product usage documentation. This warranty does not cover any defects or damages on products that have been lost, misused, improperly or inadequately maintained, or modified. The warranty lasts for a period of Six (6) Months from the date of purchase, however products are limited to a maximum of five (5) replacements on any given item. The item must be ruled defective by our Support Team and will be replaced with an equal item from current inventory. Replacement or upgrade of product is your exclusive remedy under this warranty.

Apollo offers a Thirty (30) Day Limited Warranty on all 3rd party electronic components (including batteries, chargers, and mods). This Warranty applies to products not manufactured or branded by Apollo. For a period of thirty (30) days we guarantee that 3rd party products purchased from Apollo will be free from defects in material workmanship under normal use and service for the product’s lifecycle, according to product usage documentation. This warranty does not cover any defects or damages on products that have been lost, misused, improperly or inadequately maintained, or modified. The warranty lasts for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of purchase, however products are limited to a maximum of two (2) replacements on any given item. The item must be ruled defective by our Support Team and will be replaced with an equal item from current inventory. Replacement or upgrade of product is your exclusive remedy under this warranty. 3rd party products typically include a manufacturer’s warranty, in which case you must directly contact the manufacturer of the product for warranty replacements.

Apollo offers a Fourteen (14) Day Limited Warranty on all clearomizers, tanks, cartridges, replacement coils and cartomizers. This warranty does not cover any defects or damages on products that have been lost, misused, improperly or inadequately maintained, or modified. Using e-liquid that is highly acidic or contains cinnamon will void this warranty. Clearomizers, coils, cartridges and cartomizers are intended to eventually burn out and be replaced, and there is no perfect measurement scale for how long they will last due to a variety of factors. Everyone uses these products differently, and we cannot control for all variables. Recent industry quality studies have shown that if an atomizer works properly the first time it’s used, there is little reason other than improper use for it to stop working properly. We cannot warranty these products for a period of more than fourteen (14) days, because many of them only have a lifespan of fourteen (14) days.

All sales of e-liquids, disposables, and Rebuildable Drip Atomizers (RDAs) are final. Apollo does not accept returns or exchanges of these products and does not offer a warranty for them.

All warranty exchanges require preauthorization and must be accompanied by a completed Return Merchandise Authorization Form (RMA). To obtain authorization and an RMA Form, please contact customer service via online chat, or email support ( [email protected]), or call customer service at 855-2-APOLLO (855-227-6556).

Apollo reserves the right to revise or modify the terms of this warranty agreement at any time for any reason without prior notification.

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